Wednesday, August 29, 2012

favorite foto and the september dogs days challenge

hi every bloggie.

Today is Day 29 - favorite foto.

Here's mine.  I'm on top of the world!!!!!

I know.  For those of you who enjoyed the photo-a-day challenge,
wipe away the tears. 

Me and my instagram pals Monkey, Bailey and Bentley 
created a September photo-a-day challenge. 
Back to Skool and Fall theme.

Again the rules are there are no rules.
You can use new or old pics.
You can do any days you want. 
It is not a contest, just a fun photo theme challenge.
You can blog, instagram, tumblr, tweet, etc. 
Just tag it with the #septemberdogdays or #dogdaysoffun
okay that's all for now! 
Get out and have fun the last days of summer!
I am. Wahooo! Live Action!


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