Saturday, February 15, 2014

Backcountry K9 Gift Card Giveaway

Hi Every Bloggie!
From Millan.Net

I have exciting news! 
You know I always wear the coolest gear.

For instance, see my new Ruffwear Sun Shower jacket!

I walkies and run in it. Rain, sleet, snow, it doesn't matter. We had it all this week. 
It keeps me dry! Waterproof tested. 

Here's a body shot! It has a clip for a light and wraps underneath to cover my under carriage. 

So where do I buy my outdoor gear?
Well I buy my gear from Backcountry K9   

They have excellent products and quality service.  One time I missed the 20% off sale by a day and they gave me the discount anyways.  Yah, that kind of quality service. 

Another great thing about Backcountry K9? They are supporting my fundraising efforts for my NYC Half marathon charity  by donating a $50 gift card to raffle off. 

I'm stunned too! How cool is that! 

Here's what you need to do. For every $10 you donate, you will have one entry to win the $50 gift card. For example, you donate $10 = 1 entry $20= 2 entries $30= 3 entries. You get it right? 

On Sunday Feb 23rd we will announce the winner by 12 noon EST. We'll use a random name selector to pick the winner. 

Help raise money to build schools and get in it to win it!

Help me fundraise for a great cause and get a chance to win free cool gear! 
This winter, you need it! 


From Millan.Net

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