Saturday, April 04, 2015

Goodbye Nordude

It's been hard. Harder than I thought.
It's taken me this long to write a post and update Norwood's blog pals.

Here's what happened to my sweet boy.
12:30am March 5th, 2015

I lost my best friend to hemangiosarcoma.  

I had no idea. 

It was a total shock. It was a complete surprise. This type of cancer has few and subtle signs. 

He simply had a persistent cough which over 2 weeks progressed to lethargy and decreased appetite.  

I took him into the vet and we treated for kennel cough. Hoping that was it. 

I took him back a couple days later. He wasn't doing any better, only worse.  

X-rays showed his lungs had small nodules all over. Cancer was mentioned but to be certain, we were referred to Tufts Vet School for ultrasounds.

The  plan was to go the next day for more tests.

On our way home from the vet, Norwood's symptoms worsened dramatically. 
He was breathing fast. He wouldn't walk. 

I carried him upstairs. He wouldn't lay down.  He was in pain. His breathing was rapid and labored.
It couldn't wait. I took him immediately to Tufts emergency.

The ultrasound showed a spleenic tumor and liver tumor and it spread to his lungs.  

He was bleeding internally and fluid  built up around his little heart and chest cavity.  

This fast spreading aggressive cancer took over him. 

There was no decision to make. 

It was time to say goodbye.

It's been a month now.  

I miss your little peanut head coming to the side of my bed to say good morning.

I miss beginning and ending the day with a walk with you.

I miss seeing your ears bounce around making shadow dances.

I miss when I leave for work, giving you a frozen yogurt cup and getting a yogurt lip kiss goodbye. 

I miss your "on it" attitude, taking on anything and everything.

I miss that you loved everyone you met.  Wheelchair. Hats. Disabled. Old. Young. Homeless. No Problem. You would greet them with a kiss and noticed you made them feel loved. 

I miss seeing you spin around and zoomies by Tula and her chomp zone. You would side eye her, spin and move on. I always laughed.

I miss running the trails with you and seeing your complete joy of running free.

I miss that every thing made you happy, even going to the vet.

I miss having you snatch a carrot from my hand and hearing you crunch it after your meals. 

I miss watching you fall asleep while I give you a haircut. 

I'll miss watching you go to every pond and seeing you put your face underwater trying to bite anything hoping it was a frog.

I miss when I come home, you'd jump up on my bed and launch a full hug while we swayed back and forth.  

I miss that when Fun Aunt Dee is in the front seat, you put your paw on her, demand a treat and then sniff her head and try to kiss her.  

I miss when I work from home, you are no longer there staring at me from the couch.

I miss knitting you bowties and setting fashion trends. 

I'll miss that we will no longer run in races and you howl at the race start. 

I'll  miss watching you fly off my kayak and swim like a boss.

I'll miss watching you trying to catch a fish by pacing on the water and then pounce.

I'll miss that a house fly would entertain you for hours. 

I miss your fierce athleticism.  Full throttle. 

I miss your space invaderness.  Always next to or on me. Always in your sightline.

I miss that you knew my routine better than anyone.  Always anticipated my next move.

I miss seeing you flip upside down. any time. any where. in front of anyone.

I miss kissing you on the head and saying good night.

I loved your nuttiness. 
I loved your sweetness. 
I love that I have all things frogs around our home because of you.

The truth is you seemed indestructable.  You would fly between trees at the fastest of speeds.
You'd leap over logs.  You'd jump off my kayak and swim like a fish. Fearless.

But you left just as you lived life. 
All or Nothing. Poof! You're gone.

I believe you left like a shooting star.
When you look up in the sky, look for a Norstar.
He's the brightest star up there. 
Thank you for being the best part of my day. Each and every day.
I loved you so very much Norwood.🐸🌠
July 17, 2007-March 5, 2015

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  1. We miss you Norwood. Our hu'mum often goes to look for Norstar. Your momma wrote a beautiful and hard post, we send her big hugs.
    Khumbu, Kyra and Rita x

    1. Thank you Kiersten. You're a great support. You certainly understand and your comments bring me some peace. Hugs to you all. #livenutty

  2. Norwood was one special guy and he had the most awesome life with you. What a beautiful tribute you wrote. Huge hugs to you, Miss Debi♥

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  3. Norwoode went to the Bridge just a few days before my Bart. I was comforted to know that he was greeted by a furiend.


  4. We fully understand your loss. We wondered what happened to our friend that we followed for so long a time on the blog. We miss him too and we always will love the Nordude. Thank you for sharing what happened. Loss is never easy, but the suddenness you experienced is very tough. Soft woos and gentle hugs from all of us. Thank you also for your kind words for Phantom.

    Woos - Ciara, Lightning, and Mom

  5. I miss him too. As I read the list, most of it I have known from how you shared him with us, but some I could never have known as it was your quiet moments with him. I could easily imagine him in everything you describe. Like you said, he lived balls to the walls. No other way to do it.

    Love to you, fad and tula

  6. I can't believe it! Norwood, we will miss you! We are so sorry.

  7. Dear Debi. we are heart broken that Nordude has left this world, physically. there's no doubt he will live on, in all the hearts he touched.

    The instagram video is perfect!

    Sending love and hugs!

  8. We've thought so much of you in the last month. He will definitely be the brightest star!

    Monty and Harlow

  9. I love the team you two were, complementing each other's talents. He certainly enjoyed life and had the best mommy. Hugs and kisses baby boy, you are missed.

  10. darn it, i posted something this morning on here and it didn't show up?! Anyway: I'll say it again. I miss him like the dickens already. He was so special. The stuff you shared were things I already knew about the dude because you shared him with the cyberworld. But then there were some things that I didn't know, but could easily see him doing. so thank you for sharing him during his fantastic time here and even now where I am still crying my eyes out as I read his memories. Lots of love to you, FAD and Tula, Love, Julie, Scott, Loki and Juno

  11. NorDude -

    We can think of no better eulogy than above. We wished we had met you in RL, but loved swapping stories, watching your videos, and relishing your nuttiness. Some dogs are just so individualistic that they are larger than life - and you were one of those.

    P.S. - Tell Rusty hello. Somehow, we are sure the two of you will become the best friends.

  12. Words can never express how sorry I am for your sudden and heartbreaking loss. It's never enough time but the time you had with Norwood was far, far too short. But I hope you take comfort in knowing that every day you had together, he knew how much he was loved, cherished and adored. All dogs should be so fortunate.

    You've written a beautiful tribute to your beloved boy. You were both very, very lucky to have each other.

    Gentle hugs and wags from Mayzie, me and the rest of our crew.

  13. What a great tribute to a wonderful boy. I am very sorry for your loss but I am thankful that the two of you found one another and had so many great adventures. A lifetime of memories made in just a few years time.

  14. What a hard to do. :(
    Norwood was awesome and i'm glad he still got to be himself till the end, even though it as an awful heartbreaking shock.
    So sorry for your loss.
    ~Lickies, Ludo

  15. It's almost too much to bear. Norwood was part of every aspect of your life and he also gave joy to those he met, even Tula. How could anybody resist his nutty joyousness? Remember when we swapped dogs at school? "What's wrong with your dog?" I exclaimed. But I was actually loving his bounce the whole time. He was larger than life and will always be a part of you.

    Also, thanks for your words about his illness. Some things are silent and devastating and don't fully reveal themselves until it is too late. I'm glad Tufts is close enough that you were able to take him there when things got bad, but I know how sad and cold that waiting room can be.

    Mango Momma

  16. You are in our hearts. Always. Forever. How blessed we were to meet Norwood. I'll always remember the feel of his thick wiry furs in my fingers. And your beautiful tribute helps to keep the memories alive ... almost as if he is still here. We miss him, too, Debbi, and we send our love.

  17. Please accept my sincerest condolences on the loss of your sweet boy, Norwood.

  18. We are so sorry to hear this sad news. Rest in peace Norwood and may your family take comfort in all the memories of the times you have shared.

  19. I miss Nordude too. I miss his extraordinary personality. I miss his athleticism too, and all the aspects of his personality that you shared with us. I miss him on Instagram. I miss him and Phantom and all the ones that we have all loved. I miss Twinkie still, a lot, I miss and cannot quite negotiate my feelings, because I love our pets/kids/companions… too much! Time does help, but you're going to need to be active too, in feeling better. I dwelled too much when I lost Twinkie, suddenly, overnight. I did that for many dark months. Please, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't help any. Nordwood was not about sadness, he was about joy and health and energy and the weather :) Let us all remember him with a smile in our hearts. Debi, you're in my thoughts. Isabelle

  20. That's a wonderful tribute to an incredible dog. He was lucky to know your love, and you were lucky to know his love. Having lost my best friend dog 2.5 years ago, I remember (and sometimes still feel) the incredible pain. The hard part is that it's the price we pay for having loved so intensely. Take care of yourself and know that you gave Norwood an incredible life.

  21. Go find RARA Nordude, he always wanted to play with woo. With much respect,


  22. Norwood was one of a kind. His nuttiness always made me smile. I am so very sorry Debi, there are no words I can say that will take away the pain! Our fur babies leave paw prints on our hearts that never leave us! Norwood will always be with you! Always!!!!

    Always thinking of you!

    Penny, Velcro, Ceilidh, Jack Sparrow, Blossom, Skye and Puck

  23. That's really a beautiful tribute to a very sweet Norwood. We have you in our thoughts. Thank you for sharing his adventures with all of us here in blogville. We will always remember him through your posts.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Max, Wai-Pai & Forgie

  24. My dear Debi, I know how you feel and I know there is nothing I can say that will ease your pain, but I will say that you are in my heart and thoughts and keeping all the beautiful moments you had with him will make this pain a little bearable. He is in Heaven now with my dog and all the amazing pets that made our lives so wonderful.

  25. So sorry to hear this.....just found your very sad....

  26. Oh no, not our Nordude! I am so sorry to hear this. We feel your pain and you are in our thoughts. RIP Norwood.

    Daniela and Shawnee

  27. This was so beautiful, so bittersweet, as I read it with tears in my eyes. We just hung our Norstar and came here as I was thinking of you. Beautiful. Heartfelt. Special. We've been so lucky to get to know Norwood through here, and know for sure he is loving seeing all these beautiful Norstars blowing in the breeze, shining gold all over the land. <3


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