Saturday, February 10, 2007

December 7th

We have our first snowfall this morning. It is like a snow globe outside. Quite pretty. This morning not only started with a light snowfall, but we saw a fox running around. I was hoping it would not see us. I think I will need to look up what to do if a fox is near. I don't want to end up like that jogger in the news who ran with a fox affixed to her arm. Then drove to the hospital with it attached firmly to her. Does anyone know what you would do?


  1. Feb 14th, 2007 .... I can't really comment on that ... but am glad to have another follower.
    xo cck. (ntk stands for aunty kelly since it is my niece who got me to start blogging ... so the ccK is cool cousin Kelly - okay I just made that up - but it sounds pretty cool to me and now my sisters can't steal it).

  2. Hi NTKelly,
    That post was old from last year and directed to my students at the high school. I just restarted my blog account, thanks to your new blog. So I am slowly building it. It's nice to hear from you.



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