Sunday, December 07, 2008

Fun Times on the Weekends

Let's see, the weekends are dedicated to Norwood. He is practicing a few skills during our adventures outside.  Today we are learning stand and jump.  My sister wants him to do paws targeting since he uses his little snow shoes all the time.  

Looking at the local Things TO DO calendar, there are quite a few events for the holiday.  Looks like the Bay Colony Dog Show is today.  May have to head over and attend. Has anyone been to it before?  It looks like a really good show.  


  1. Love hearing about your weekends ... it used to be like that for me with Taki once long ago. In fact your Shibu Inu utube link reminded me so much of her ... Shibu Inus are the smaller cousin of the Akita.
    What a great blog you have - mine is so basic - yours is so - dynamic. Guess I have a ways to go in figuring it all out. Hope you and Norwood had yummy turkey!

  2. Kelly- Well I think my weekends are pretty routine. You seem to have interesting things going on as always. I remember Taki from my visit to Dallas when you lived there. Diane has an Akita mix and she loves the"lil akita" shiba inus too.

    Turkey day I usually have visitors from Ohio but this year they didn't come. It was low key but my turkey turned out really nice then up early for shopping How was the play?


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