Wednesday, April 29, 2009

victory at last

I'm still at day camp but look at the fun I had this past weekend. As Mango testified, 80-90 degrees here in MA. Whew! You could fry an egg on my lil hot body. Too hot to just walk trails. That's for sure! I headed right for the water!
When it's hot, Hopkinton Park is like a zoo or a dog party. I met Ralph the Weinemier. He loved swimming and chasing sticks. Me too Me too! But I admit. Confession- I'm a bit competitive. Friendship shmendship.. Ralph had a stick. Look at me go. I was swimming like a fish after Ralph. Ralph didn't know what was coming.

I wanted that stick. Gus the happy heeler knows what I mean. I think I formed a fin.. shark fin. I was determined to get Ralph and the stick. Can you tell which head is mine?

Close so close. I'm getting there. How'd he slip ahead of me again!

Ahhhh Victory at last! Gotta reach your dreams and goals!
Oh Yeah Norwood!


  1. Norwood
    That looks like a pawfect place on a hot day.
    Gweat stick finding and wetweaval! congwatulations!
    love you lots
    smoochie kisses

  2. You are an Olympic grade swimmer Norwood! What a great performance and stick retrieval!
    xoxo-BabyRD & Hootie

  3. Wow Norwood...I didn't know that when I pushed you, you'd end up here!! You've been swimming for a long time! I'm glad you got the stick...good job! I looked for you at day camp yesterday, but you must have been taking a nap cuz I didn't see you. I'll try again today. Have fun!
    Your buddy,

  4. make that water look so refreshing that I want to take a dip now! I'd have to watch you at my house because we live on the intracoastal waterway & I think you'd be jumping off our seawall all the time!

  5. We were cooking in VT this weekend too - but the water is too cold for swimming :( Maybe it's time for a road trip to the cape...

  6. What a perfect place to go for Day Camp. Looks like lots of fun. It hasn't gotten that warm here yet. Washington State. Glad you got the stick. Keep on swimming!!
    Ernie & Sasha

  7. Norwood,
    I am flattered by your Oh Yeah! Hopkinton state park, hmmm? Never been there, but mom says looks like a place the pee-wee would like.
    Stay cool

  8. that was a lot of fun! we would be happy to join you in the water. you look like a happy duck! hee hee!


  9. NORWOOD!! We are sooo behind...thankyou for the pawsome award we will be posting it soon!!! and we are sorry you are at camp but we checked in and it looked like you were having fun with that poker game(oops maybe we shouldn't have written tha...hee hee what they don't know and all that.....) Love and kisses A+A

  10. Ya you got the stick. We are so proud of you Blueman..
    Sorry we missed meeting your mom while she was here.. Dad has been chatting with her planning for her next trip..
    Yepper Blueman I am ready for the trial. Although me and Dad have to be in Whitesboro at 7 AM. Whitesboro is an hour away. Mom said she was going to sleep in for a change.. Of course the red ones are usually up at 6:30 so much for sleeping in..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  11. Wow! It's like summer time there! It's still only in the 40-50's here. You swim really well. My girl makes me wear a life jacket because I'm not that good.

  12. Looks like a great day for a swim and a bit of stick fetching. You are a good swimmer Norwood.

    Holly & Zac...XX


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