Monday, July 20, 2009

cape cod run

hello every bloggie!

On Sunday, I took a trip to Cape Cod.  Falmouth to be exact. Mom is running in the Falmouth Road Race in August so she thought we'd do a training run.  The race course is beautiful.  Take a look for yourself! 

View Falmouth Road Race in a larger map

Today we ran on the ocean side from Chapoquoit beach to Old Silver Beach.  Here's mid run shot.. I took a little water break.. whew that water is refreshing. 
These flowers are all over the cape. Aren't they beautiful? Don't tell anyone but I watered them for these nice people.  
And another water break in Falmouth Harbor. Wait.... I see something!
Oh.. it's my reflection! 


  1. Nowwood
    What a gowgeous place fow a wun and you make those flowews look even bettew by standing in fwont of them ( I'm not suwe the watewing will help, hehehe)
    I love youw weflection
    smoochie kisses

  2. You look good in front of those flowers, Norwood -- they go with your coat quite nicely. Maybe you should weave some into your fur!

  3. Nice job on helping to water the flowers. The pictures are so cool, my Mom want to go there.The last picture of you is awesome.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  4. The hydrangeas are just beautiful! We bet your pee-mail will make the flowers turn even more blue!
    Our dad ran the Falmouth Road Race once but it was like a zillion years ago!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Good thing your Mom has such a good running buddy like you to get her ready for that long race! I LOVE these photos...especially the one with the moving water! Way Cool!
    have a good one,

  6. Norwood, we really enjoyed reading your post this morning - all the more so because we are going over to Boston on Friday and after a week in New Hampshire - we're heading to the Cape. It was lovely to see some photos of Falmouth - we are really looking forward to our visit. Last summer we were in Boston but only stayed in the city! - Clive's mom!

    I'm sitting here sulking Norwood because the gang are all going without me - told me all the travelling would get me stressed - you don't seem too stressed there in Falmouth!! That last photo of you is brillant - Clive

  7. Your mom must be able run a lot to do the Falmouth road race. I hope she doesn't make you run with her.

    That last photo is very tricky (and pretty).


  8. First of all I'd better to check to make sure that I am commenting as Sharon...check...Allright now I know that I need to comment like a human and not a cat! Great photos! I especially like the one of you by those beautiful flowers Norwood. The light shining on your face makes you look so handsome. Good luck training your Mom for that race. Looks like you're having fun with the occasional jump in the water. Maybe you should start fish hunting too!
    Have a great day,
    your human friend,

  9. The HydeInAnga's are furry pretty!

    Tank woo fur sharing all these khool pikhs AND your adventures!


  10. That´s a beautiful place, Norwood! You look great posing in front those pretty flowers. Good job watering them!

  11. what what wonderful place to run - we love the cape

    Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

  12. Hi ya Norwood! Wow-that is very kind to help your Mom out with her training. I'm sure she will run better with your advanced training techniques.
    Mom wants me to tell you that you are standing in front of her most favorite flowers and that you are one gorgeous hunk of dawg!

    Have fun-as always Norwood!
    Chester ;0=)

  13. Ah we love the Cape but we don't go a lot because it takes about 3 years to drive down there!! good luck to you and your Mom on the race....As for your birthday day??!! Let us just say you are a better man than we are...We don't think we could have been in the same house(maybe even town) as the kitty) ooppsss Aggie just passed out thinking of it...Love and kisses Archie

  14. The photo of you posting with the flowers was really beautiful!!! Can i have the photo and frame it up?

    best regards

  15. hi Norwood, that does look like a beautiful running route. do you get to run in the race with your mom?

    we love those pretty flowers too. we have one like that in our yard. we water it all the time! hee hee!

    that's a cool photo of you with your reflection in the water.


  16. Great pictures norwood we have a Falmouth over here as well!

    Wizz :-)

  17. What a beautiful reflection you have Norwood. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. Anytime there is water involved it is a great time..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  18. Oh, what a beautiful day at the Cape, one of Mom's favorite vacation spots from when she lived in MA. And those hydrangeas are just gorgeous. Do they still have lots of those rambling roses there too?

    Thanks for bringing back some great memories. And good luck to Mom in the race - that's a hot time to be running.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  19. Hi, Norwood!
    You had a pawesome time there!
    And you were very nice watering those flowers!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. Hi Norwood
    It looks like you had a pawsome time
    Big licks to you

  21. We love the cape, and could not be more jealous. Norwood, you have it made!

  22. What a fun time! We love your water pictures Norwood! We are so jealous of your fun escapades!

    Woofs and wags,
    Benson and Gibson

  23. Beautiful race route! Love those flowers and I'm sure all the owners up and down your course appreciate your kind gesture hehe! Norwood, forgive me for being so late in wishing you belated birthday greetings! Happy Barkday - just scrolled down to see what a great day you had! And... love that last photo trickiness with the water!
    Hugs xo

  24. Norwood, looks a fab place for a fun run. 7 miles huh? I think you'll win it. Has anyone ever told you how good you look in blue the water or against the hydrangeas. Well yep you do. Look good. Must be because you are a blue heeler. Not that I've ever seen much of your heelers. Though if I did that race with you, I guess I might. Love that refection photo. 1 Norwood 1 Mr B. Clever.

    And the vist with cunning kitties eh? A draw sounds pretty good going to me. Gulp. He wasn't named Tiger for nothing I bet. But I can see you totally scored with Monty.All in all a very good day but disappointed you didn't show not much sign of your terrierble twos. Never mind you have another 364 days to try.

    Wiry love and kisses Eric xxxx

  25. Thanks for signing the petition Norwood...Sharon signed too. That article made her so sad that she cried & she still can't stop thinking about it. We don't understand how people can be so cruel to animals. It's just so wrong! We wish people could just be kind & caring and take care of our earth and the creatures on it. We love you & your mom & aunt dee & tula and so many of our other blog buddies because we can tell you are true, compassionate beings. Thank you for being our friends.
    your good pals,
    bruce & sharon:)


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