Tuesday, December 07, 2010

gone buck wild

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Oh yes, it's time to give you a tula training update! I've taken over trainer dude's job since grad skool classes stopped. It's a furry important job.

Okay ready... most Sunday's I ask Tula to meet me at sunrise for her morning lesson and workout. Why so early? the pink sunrise!? Furry pretty pink soothes the common beast... oops I mean tula monstah. Hee hee... I don't think she's reading this. gulp?!

Once we walkies thru the neighborhood practicing buddy walks and sniffing spots together, we head to the field by my frog pond. I show her where you can get a good view. Ask Stumpy.. she met me here this past summer and we stood on top of the fence together.

Tula's got alot of questions. Something about cookies and woo woo woo? I don't speak Akita furry well but I do I sometimes feel like a piece of meat around her. It must be all that click & treating when she sees another dog.

See? Coy shifty Akita move. One minute they like you, one minute they don't. But I'll move in cuz I'm a daredevil. She seems to have an important question.

Okay, she just wants to go nutty and play. Tula watch me. To be a proper crackah, you gots to shake........alot

and then woos do the shake shake shake and bake.

Rut roh.. I think she's got it! Tula's gone buck wild!
Yahoo! Yipee! I'd say that's crackah yep! This lesson is done.


  1. Happiness is...
    having a friend like Tula.
    Soooo glad she's coming along. Great work Debi & Diane & Norwood...you are the BEST pals Tula could EVER have!
    love you all,
    Bruce the cat:)

  2. Tula gone wild! Watch out! Oh yeah, I can see the grumpy face there. No worries. I like my ladies with rough edges.


  3. I'm thinkin that Tula likes to keep you guessin'. Heeheeeeehehehe

  4. What a wonderful job you're doing! It looks like fun.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  5. Stumpy and I love your frogpond and views, Norwood! Looking forward to visiting, again! Stumpy hopes you've got Tula all socialized by then.

  6. You are an awesome trainer, Norwood - looks like you are shaking Tula into shape quite well:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Tula gone wild? It sounds like something Frat Labs and the RH will be lining up to buy a video of!


  8. LOL! Bunny's comment is too funny! Good job!


  9. Oh my you guys were nothing but blurs at the end!


  10. Oh man... you two have a lot of discipline, that's fur shore. Getting up like you two do at o'dark hundred is not sumpin' Mom'll likely do, but we'd sure like it. You got her cracker alright - now, will you get my Ma cracker pleeze???? Hee Hee????

  11. hey nordude, got another question fur ya? come closer.. a little closer... grr ! hehehehehhe

    sunday training is funballz!


  12. You're such a great teacher Norwood. :)


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