Saturday, January 02, 2010

my irish eyes r smiling!

Hi every bloggie!
My 2010 keeps getting better and better. You see over the past year I made many bloggie pals. But I don't know if it was my post about a classic Irish import.. my love for Bailey's that caught their attention or my nutso disposition on life but Irish friend's Murray and Clive told me to watch for the mailman. Perfect timing for an irish eYewatch post too.
If you don't know these two handsome guys, head over to their blog. Murry is a NSLM (not so little man) who has autism and Clive is his partner in crime guiding him through life. These two have loads of fun, are world wide travelers and do some fascinating things. And I must say they also have an important task of raising autism awareness and teaching about the important part assistance dogs play in helping individuals with autism face certain challenges in life and become more independent. Read more in an article here about the program and current need for funding.

Okay -2010 day 2- dear blog diary, yesterday on eYewatch Friday I received a package from Ireland. Whoo hoo Yabba dabba doo!

I'm on this one like a bad habit. No need to help me.. I used my precise surgical techniques to open it. See.
Okay before I go on..we must go back down memory lane before it's opened. Most every bloggie is aware that I have an obsession- ahem I mean love for frogs. Here's a brief recap:
Murray seemed to remember my obsession- love too! When he was busy shopping, he came across something that reminded him of me?!!!

Okay back to the package opening. Nurse please hand me the scalpel. Oh wait, my toofers work just fine. Remember this is a two paw procedure.
Voila! C'est ici! It's a frog! Yeppers. A frog I can't kill but enjoy all year long!
I did take a little nibble, but he stood his ground.
Hey mr. frog is upstaging me. Look I can make a dignified pose too.
Oh.. but mr. frog is most beautiful well lit in the night. Now if he could only teach the pond frogs to hold candles so I can find them at night... hmm.

Thank You Very Much Murray and Clive for thinking of me and this pawsome present!
And Happy eYewatch Friday! even though it's Saturday!


  1. Great post. Happy New Year. Hope your 2010 is wondrous and blessed.

  2. Fab pressie for sure. Your mom is kind of mean making you open your own boxes. Mine does it for me whilst I encourage her with most vigorous head butts and body slams.

    I dare not look out the window.


  3. I'm not sure which I find more impressive: the frog, you, or Clive and Murray!

  4. You should be so proud of yourself Norwood because you are really making a difference in so many lives. Happiness seems to follow you where ever you go! I know we sure love you!
    your friends,
    Sharon & Bruce the cat too!

  5. What a wonderful present Norwood.. You be careful with that new frog..
    Clive and Murry seem like and awesome pair..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  6. Wonderful story about Clive and Murray. That was soooo thoughtful of them. I love your de rapping skill. (I know, butt it's my blog and I can spell things MY way). I often thing the getting there is as much fun as the actual arrival. However, in this case... that was a truly PAWsome gift. So... YOU !
    Now for that bizness of sharing my snacks with my blog furends. I'll make a deal with you. The next time you come through Zanesville... you let me know and I'll meet you with a bag of goodies. I'm just sayin'.

  7. A lot of lovely tales today, Norwood - such an admirable story about Murray and Clive and a thoughtful and beautiful pressie to you from them! So pretty all lit up! Adore your precise pressie opening technique - this will probably offend you, but you are just too cute, Norwood!
    Hugs xo

  8. What a lovely present !!!! It is soooo spectacular!!!!!! But we think that your heeler part opened the package not the terrier part..becasue we would have RIPPED THAT THING OPEN IN 2 NANO seconds...Happy New Year litle buddyLove A+A Arch is in the bathroom...very cosy he said.. and the plow won't fit there....

  9. Norwood! We're so happy the parcel arrived! We were late with our Christmas mail and the postmistress was so grumpy with us - we were terrified our parcels would never get delivered!

    We are so pleased you like the frog! The minute Murray saw it in the shop - he said "for Norwood, Mommy please"!!

    When he thinks of you, Norwood - it's always with a great giggle and he loves that you are so 'interested' in frogs! We have a real one in the pond in the back garden that Murray is always trying to find as well!

    Thank you for such a great post - it was lovely for us to read through it with Murray who was jumping up and down with excitment as we read the post with him and he saw your photos!

    He is unbelievably excited that the frog made it all the way over to you!

    Best wishes again for 2010 ...
    Clive & the NSLM & all the gang

  10. Norwood, you made Buffy laugh last night with your comment about the late Christmas gift! That was so funny :)
    I'm going to check out your friends blog. You know, we use to eat frog legs here.. they are yummy!!! You should give them a try!

  11. Happy 2010, buddy! You and that frog look great together--the start of a wonderful friendship? :) (Actually, we're talking about the statue, not the reminiscence.)

    Also, we're very impressed with your writing in the snow! Such nice penmanship!

    Your Irish friends are awesome!

    Wishing you the best for 2010!

  12. How freakin' hoppin' khool is THAT?!?!


    TNSLM is khwite the wonderful lad! 'Clive' has taught him well!

    AND in turn, they've taught us lots too!


  13. Wagging Happy New Year to you Norwood. Mr B too!!

    WOW. You opening your parcel. What's that with tearing off the tape so carefully like a big girlie??!! You need to rip that paper off in seconds. Get Mr B to teach you. But the present inside from TNSLM was well wicked. (Clive's comment back set Mom off into sniffy frenzy). Isn't blogging grand?

    Wiry love and kisses to you Norwood and your legged too. Eric xx

  14. "Hello my baby hello my honey hello my ragtime gaaaaaaalllllll ..."

  15. What a pawsome ribbity pressie Norwood!!


  16. What a cool pressie! How very thoughtful of Murray and Clive!
    You are a very careful package opener, Norwood!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  17. Nowwood
    What a most excellent pwezzie..Muwway and Cluive awe sooo thoughtful. Such fun and loving fwiends..I think that fwoggie is simply bootiful and will aways wemind you of youw good fwiends and of couwse to go look fow mowe fwogs..good luck!
    smoochie kisses,ASTA

  18. No one could out do you.

  19. Ooooh, what a froggielicious surprise!
    Maybe Mr Froggie will sine his beacon all the way down to the pond for you to find more delicious "treats"...

  20. Hi, Norwood!
    Murray and Clive sent you a pawesome present!
    Mr. Frog is beautiful... errr.... handsome.... well... you know!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. Hey, Norwood. That Murray is a nice kid, isn't he? Love your new frog, and Happy New Year!
    Your pals, Morgan & Maisie

  22. You have cool friends Norwood!! How great of Murry & Clive to remember that you love frogs.

    Slobbers Ruger & Neve

    PS Mom says you are a fantastic parcel unwrappperer. Mom had to help me with the sellotape on my frisbee parcel - Ruger

  23. If you ask me I think that you could teach that frog a thing or two about posing : )

    happy new year Norwood!

  24. how very cool and Murry and Clive quite a pair sanyd

  25. Hi Norwood...Here's some frog sentiments from Kermit from "It's not easy being green".
    "I have a lot of great memories from the swamp. I remember when I was little, we'd all just sit out on our lily pads for hours and hours, rocking gently on the water and listening to the soft, sweet sound of chirping crickets...Then, of course, we'd eat the crickets...but that's another story."

    Thought you'd enjoy that,
    your pal,
    Bruce the cat:)

  26. Hey, old pal! It's me...long, lost Fenway! Ms. Alpha promised me that her #1 New Year's resolution is to become a better editor and keep my blog humming and up to date!

    So much has happened, but I am still the same old Fenway. I see from reading over your blog the same is with you. Glad to hear you are happy, loved and spirited!

    Did you see the Bruins at Fenway? We watched on the Travel Vista box the Alphas call Mr. TV.

    I'm off for a fun walk outdoors. Ms Alpha doesn't understand why I need to carefully scrutinize all my special pooble spots when it's so frigid outdoors. Just between us, that's my little dog humor!

    Your pal,

  27. Hey that is a cool froggie, Norwood.

    We shall be on the hunt for frogs for you this year...hopefully we shall capture our mr frog from our mini frog pond but in the garden this time. :-)

  28. EYe watch Friday on Saturday and we are reading it on Sunday - great pressie from Clive and the NSLM - how thoughtful of them to send you the cool froggie. Now you have one to occupy you through the winter:)

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  29. Hi Norwood - oh wow, what an amazing pressie! That is such a cool frog - and even more special because it was chosen for you by the NSLM - wow! This was a great post - and Sharon is SO right that happiness follows you wherever you go! :) Big schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  30. Great gift! That Murray is sure a sweet fella. Your obsession with the green ones must have been contageous 'cuz my brother seems to be addicted to them (after he met YOU!!). He even thinks he IS a frog at times!

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy. What a swell froggie pressie!! I have a little froggie tea lite holder up in farrr N. Idaho.Mommy won't let me play with it though. phooey. How can I become a member of your frog society?? If there are dues, I'm out, as I don't have a penny to my name...only frog carcasses.


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