Sunday, January 10, 2010

mad mondays

hi every bloggie!
You won't believe this! I went for my regular walkies in the neighborhood.
And there is this one house that fascinates me.
If you look close, there is a chicken coup. Yeah! Can u believe it?
Then this happened. Mad chickens running amuck! (having trouble with this video-if video doesn't play- it may work here- click here)
Coming at me from all directions!
Alright I confess..okay okay.. I'm chicken of chickens! But these are crazy mad chickens! I guess the 9 year old Sibe next door had one for lunch one day. Hmm. I need to overcome my mad fear of these feathered delights.

Don't forget to enter Mango Minster! I'm judging!
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Happy MAD monday!


  1. A word of advice - carry a box of Shake 'n Bake and those chickens will start looking a lot better. ;)

  2. scurd of a chicken?! mmm... drool.. drool...that's tula much!


  3. Oh dear me scared of chickens, on second thoughts I might be they do make a lot of noise. I have not seen them running about like that.

  4. Sometimes we run into loose duckies on our walkie but your chickens move a lot faster! Don't be a chicken, Norwood - give chase!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. I can't believe how calm you were with those crazy ass chickens running around. I guess that's what they mean by free range.


  6. Norwood

    Don't like chickens much myself! The NSLM wants to have some in the garden!! Thankfully the cat would not cope with that - so no chickens (for the moment at least!!)

    take care

  7. Chickens on the loose in the snow...that really is a Mad Monday! It's a crazy world Norwood!
    your cat pal,

  8. You know this old saying:::
    Chicken one day. Feathers the next.
    Go fur it buddy. I'm just sayin'.

  9. Norwood, when i delivered mail I was attacked by more chickens, geese and turkeys than dogs! Carry a KFC bucket with you . they'll get the message!

  10. You should really carry a lighter on your next walkie by the chickens. That way if they get too near you can have hot wings. Mmmmm-hot wings...........My PUs eat 'em all the time too.
    Don't forget to save the feathers for a pillow either.
    Carry on Norwood!
    Chester ;0=)

  11. It's the chickens who are mad not you Norwood !!

  12. I was thinking a BBQ fork, some lemon herbs and spices, but shake and bake works too...

    wild dingo

  13. mmmmmm! Could be tasty for dinner. Once you got past the feathers. We had chickens next door but a couple of weeks ago the raccoons killed them. We used to call them the Girls. They're planning on getting some more soon.
    They were kinda fun to watch.
    Ernie, Sasha, & Chica

  14. We've seen The Birds. We think you are right to be concerned!

  15. Chickens? In your neighborhood??? Mmmmmnnnnnommy!!! Seems they attacked you though - how is that pawssible??? Thanks also for posting the score card - furry interesting!
    Bug Hugs and a Cluck!

  16. Hello, judge. Don't worry, I'm in a different category. I'm not going to try to bribe you or anything. Listen, you are correct to react to chickens that way. They can be real mean. We used to have a mean rooster. While he lived here, all the humans who wanted to share the back yard with him had to go out equipped with brooms, baseball bats, etc. Otherwise the rooster would launch vicious attacks. Better be careful, my friend.

  17. I see there is also many snow at your place
    ENJOY Norwood ...
    Love your shots today !!

    Kareltje =^.^=

  18. If that chickens were on the road we walk on, our Mom would have lost both of her arms, we would have been off at them in a shot. Funny, we keep hearing this song in our heads - Who let the Chickens Out? Well, you know what we mean.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  19. Pee Ess - we love your score card - very professional and all that stuff.

    Play bows, TD and Phantom

  20. Norwood if you want to be a real herder you do need to get over this.. Of course sheep usually don't chase back..
    If you need some help we will be right over...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  21. Oh heck Norwood. The legged followed me over here and won't let me watch your videos.On account of she's chicken. About chickens. Like you.

    So I'll bark about your judging instead M'lud. Now. Me. A Cracker Dog Insane Doggie. I do that mad mutt terrier tenacious tantrum stuff all the time. Yeah. Me and my loony other self are never far apart.

    In fact Norwood. I'm in two minds over this Mango Minster. Should my entry show my normal cracker dog self ? Which is easy peasy to capture...or be the rarely glimpsed cool calm collected me's I can be? If and when I choose. Yep. Be like them show dogs are. Impressive. Show you me strutting my stuffie. Aah hate these split decisions.

    Wildly wagging at ya. Eric xxx

  22. That is an unusual thing to see on a walk...a bunch of crazy mad chickens...hehe

  23. We only see chickens with our Sunday lunch ;-)


  24. Hi, Norwood!
    I can see you were very calmed in the first video! I'd run after them!
    And then... crazy chickens!
    Yes... sure you had a Mad Monday!
    Kisses and hugs

  25. I think you shoul;d start your Mama going through the drive thru at Kentucky Fried Chicken..and work your way up to real live chickens!


  26. Chickens look like a great chase to me!! Anything that runs excites my hunting instincts.
    BRD and Hootie


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