Friday, November 19, 2010

eYewatch friday- canine cooking corner

hi every bloggie!

TGIF everyone! It's been a furry long week and with next week being one of my favorite holidays, turkey day! I have foodballs on my brain.

And to top it off, I was on twitter and posted a pic of my favortie snack. Those FiveSibes tweeted me asking for my recipe and to join in their food funballs- Canine Cooking Corner

How could I resist? Okay... long intro but this week's eYewatch is on the kitchen and what's cooking!!!! See I'll start. I got my beady eYeballs on the kitchen. My dinnah is being prepared! Pretty good stare down don't ya think?

Just to warn you, it is a bit of a strange meal. I start it off with a fresh banana- half of it.

It's sliced and diced into my chowtimeware.

Then I select one of my favorite flavahs from the WERUVA collection- Steak frites with pumpkin and carrots. Stop drooling please.

You add a splash of water and voila! Come and get it!!!!!

Just watch me. You won't believe your eYeballs at my super stealth speed and clean up.

Whoo! That was yummers but can't stop now. It's time for the 2nd course- Dessert!!! Isn't it masterful? C'est magnificent!!!

Yeppers take a Dora the Explorer Frozen Yogurt cup (strawberry-banana). Top with a ginormous drop of peanut butter and delicately place carrots. Voila!

I was a bit late but you can still join in the FiveSibes Canine Cooking Corner too!
It's a blog hop.

Oh one more sibenation news event. My good sibepal Khumbu (lives in amazing place- Sierra Nevada Mountains in Spain), his hu-parents are on an expedition to the Patagonia Ice Cap. The trek starts today and you can follow their journey. Link is on their last bloggie post. Totally cool.

Happy eYewatch! You can stop droolies now.


  1. We brought MY bag of mini kharrots along on our trip!!!


  2. ridiculous. (what's with the ice skating music?) just askin. okay. i'll have what he's havin.


  3. YUMMY! You are what you I know why you go bananas all the time!
    love ya buddy,

  4. OMG, you have us drooling, Norwood!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. I am speechless. You are living the good life. I need to give some human a talkin to.


  6. THAT is NOT supper... that is a
    FEAST. Love that dessert.

  7. Yum, that all looked very good!!!!!

    Elyse and (drooling) Riley

  8. drooooooooooooolsss... you is makings me the hungrys Norwood. How can this be supper.. This is supa dupa delicious pawty food.

    Happy Weekends Norwood!

  9. Oh, that is totally droolworthy! I need to go find a snack now!


  10. All that stuff sure looks yummy!

  11. You sure do get some yummy dinah and dessert.. We just get Framm crunchies...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  12. That is a first class meal!


  13. Wow, that is quite the special meal. Looks fit for a king - that's you, Norwood.

    We don't know Khumbu, but we are off to say hello.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  14. my guys are having turkey and rice sandy

  15. A feast for a King. But we have two questions. What is up with the fake out re-sit in the first video (hey, once our butts are off the floor, it is feast time)? And where was the burp? Kiska always gives us a loud burp to signify supper time is over.

  16. Norwood...five drooling mouths over here! Yummy recipe! You can still link it to the blog hop on our page - we left it open for a week! I know others will LOVE that recipe! Thanks for joining, and for mentioning us! Okay, I think I'm off to make this delish dish!

  17. Thanks for linking over! Great videos! You are lucky, Norwood, those are some yummy recipes! But then you are so cute and deserving of them! Thanks again for sharing! Hope to see you at the Canine Cooking Corner again next Tuesday at the hop...same place, same channel!

  18. hello norwood its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm weruva my sister trouble the kitty eets that sumtimes!!! hay that duznt meen yoo ar a kitty duz it??? ha ha ok bye

  19. Uh oh. We've got a problem. You see. We'd already eaten our dinner. And had a couple of salmon snacks, too. But then we watching your videos and now we're hungry (and expectant) again. What's a dog to do?

    Maybe we'll go watch Khumbu's peoples' trek. Yeah. That's what we'll do.

    Jake and Fergi


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