Sunday, November 14, 2010

training tula

hi every bloggie!

First off, I'm furry excited about the 2nd Annual Worldwide Moment taking place today. I thought the Thundering Herd had a beautiful post about the meaning of it. Check it out if you haven't seen it.

Okay. You all know I've been in grad skool working on my masters with Tula and Mango. Well after skool, I've been doing some training on my own with Tula my monstah cousin. Who'd think a crackah dawg like me would be teaching appropriate social play lessons! But come see my training techniques...

First you find a beautiful place with trails, tree lined and water access. Hmmm pawfect.

This is Lake Boon in Stow MA.

I like to begin our lessons with some basics. Zooming right at Tula. (with a crazy cracker expression) Neener neener neener.

Then I zip zap pow zoom right by her. Good girl Tula. No grrs or biteys along the way.

Next part of the lesson, since I'm part cattle dog, I zoom large circles around her. Well Tula is large like that horse Frankie Furter rode the other day. Guess my herding tactics are well intended here.

And POW zoom in close and right past Tula.
Rut Roh.. that's not part of the lesson. She's starting to chase. Whew.. I hope she keeps your training cap on.

Oh course.. appropriate play includes taunting. Nah nah nah.. nordude was here!!!

And back again. Stay Tula while I zoomie at you!

Whoa..... a FREE Tula with no safety face. RUT ROH. We are not at that advanced level yet!

What to do? What to do? Think think! Ahh play dead.

Phew... And that's my appropriate social play training with Tula.
Who's next?
See you all at 11pm GMT or 6pm Eastern Standard Time! Feel the PAWER!


  1. Oh, dear. I'm not sure the boys could keep up with you!

    We love the play dead photo!


  2. Me!

    PLEASE: ME!!!!

    PeeEssWoo: I think Miss Flikhah might kikhk your zoomie bummmm

  3. ZOOOOOOOOM! I'm pretty sure *I* could kick your butt. I'll see if Tula Monstah wants to hire me to herd you into her range. ARR ARR!


  4. You are a most excellent teacher, Nordude! We especially liked when you played dead!

    Sam and Pippen

  5. What a fun way to teach & to learn. You do a great job of playing dead OR was it just all the zoomies & you're resting??

  6. Norwood, I think Tula is keeping track of all this... Paybacks are bitch and I bet Tula could be, too!

  7. such a great cousin to help with the training!


  8. hello norwood its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmmm so playing ded wurks with tula??? duz that meen she is a bear??? ha ha ok bye

  9. You teaching social skills is an interesting concept. Sort of us like teaching a Miss Manners course. Just saying.

  10. You have a funny way of teaching Tula appropriate play! She will most certainly get you back one day for all the teasing! Uh oh!

    Elyse and Riley

    P.S.--I've entered you into the bandana giveaway.

  11. great pictures Norwood! you looked very appropriate. Listen for us later, after we are quiet, we are gonna be allowed to BARK!
    your pals, Morgan & Maisie

  12. So nice of you to help Tula out in her training. :)

    The walk was really nice. Still waiting on dad to finish up the video to share with all of my blog pals. :)

  13. what great pictures. Looks a bit like fall
    Benny & Lily

  14. Wow & Tula are becoming quite the TEAM! So Happy for the two of you! Can't believed I missed the Movement but we were at the movies watching "Morning Glory" you didn't think they let cats in the movies...ha ha, I snuck in! Go Figure...I LOVE Chick Flicks! One of these days Sharon is going to get around to posting on my blog. Gotta be patient cuz she's been busy uploading photos to her new obsession, "Gunnar Racing" on facebook. Check it out if you're at all in to cars.
    love ya,
    your cat pal Bruce:)

  15. Yuh, you better play dead with TM all hyped up and ready to grrrr on your crazy butt. Good to see you continuing your lessons.


  16. Hi Norwood - I think it's awesome of you to help Tula learn how to do 'appropriate play'! It can make such a difference when us doggies have training buddies to help us!

    Honey the Great Dane


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