Wednesday, November 30, 2011

road tripballs part one

hi every bloggie!
Jeepers- I'm finally back to tell you about
my Thanksgiving week road trip balls.

Yeppers that's me.
Pretty bored. 13 hours to get to Columbus OHIO.

backseat driver

I was excited.. really.
I even brought my Ohio State blanket with me.
Go Nuts. I mean Buckeyes!

Our first stop in upstate New Yawk.
Only 9 hours to go.
1st rest stop on the way to Ohio

Whoohoo! We hit the border.
Only 3 hours to Columbus to go!

We made it to the Buckeye border

Finally we made it!
I stayed over at my pal's house- old dude Toddy.
he's like a gazillion years old.... about 17.
Can u believe it?

Photo Stream-828

And Miss Foxy Sara Lee.
She does NOT like me.
My charms did not work on her.
Photo Stream-825

Yeppers... Toddy did a lot of this during my visit.
Then he wandered around in circles running into walls a lot.
Cool thing is he drops food all over.
Thanks pal.


Ummm. I was left back at the house with these old dogs
and momma went out for drinks with their humans.
Bethy & Kenichi.
Why did I get stuck with the no fun crew?

Photo Stream-709

After the first night, Momma took me to her favorite trails and parks.
We walked up the Olentangy River Trail
to Antrim park and to the Worthington Trails.
We walkies for 2 hours- 6.5 miles.
I guess I had to get my nutties out.

Photo Stream-720

Here's the part in Worthington.
See me in the orange?

Photo Stream-724

I guess the real reason was that momma was going
shopping all day. Huh? Why am I being left out again?

Photo Stream-729

The humans went to the mall.
I bet they went to the mall to tell Santa my list.
yep that's probably it.

Photo Stream-733

Okay finally... something I was included in.
Whew. We were going somewhere in the car balls.
I liked to kissie on Kenichi when he drives. hee hee.

Photo Stream-737

Whoa! Cool beanballs.
I got to stroll too!

Photo Stream-747

It was furry pretty!
I think I light up pretty good too!

Photo Stream-741

Along the stroll, all these dog houses were fancied up for the holidays.
This one was a grist mill.

Photo Stream-748

This dog house was a doll house.

Photo Stream-752

Here's a toy shop.
How cool is that?

Photo Stream-761

Knock knock!
I'll take 2 stuffies to go please!

Photo Stream-759

Oh I guess I had to stop at the dog house bank
to get green papers for those stuffies.
nothing's free.


Ummm excuse me momma.
This post is about me not you.

Photo Stream-762

Okay remember this picture.
Photo Stream-741

Look close. The tree is half lit.
You'll see in my part two of my road trip that
it seems to be a theme around here.

FX PhotoStudio Image

Ha.. so me and momma (again? please)
stood by the lit up part and lit up our eyes too!

FX PhotoStudio Image

stayed tuned more to come.
Next stop Indiana for a date with the bird.


  1. Hey Norwood!
    Wow, what a fun tripball you had! My peeps were near Columbus over the holiday too. They visited Frankie and Ernie and even got to see Sagira at an Agility Trial. My mom lived in Columbus and has been to some of those same places! Cool. Love those pix of your lit-up self!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. Hey those are your momma's old stompin' grounds but in those dayz woo would have been left home alone ALOT! JUST SAYIN!

    umm those doggie houses -- was there one made of cookies?


  3. What an awesome trip! I love that you got to go in that house!

  4. 13 hours in a car! Wow! The trip looks great and little Toddy made my mom squeal. What a cute little guy! Hope he is around 17 more years!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. That trip looks supremo so far. Nice of that little old dude doggie to leave food around for you.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  6. WhooooooHoooooo you had a GRRRRREAT time in Columbus... Guess What?
    My MOM's Mom's Last name was WORTHINGTON... Related to the Same Worthington guy that the City was named fur.

    I like how you got to sneak in some Tongue TIPS fur the Driver. hehehehe

  7. 13 hours!!! Thats a long way, but looks like you had fun :-)

  8. Thank dog you did gets to has some funballs and woz not stuck with the old geezerballs all the times.

  9. That was a fun trip, Norwood, even if you had to stay behind some of the time. We loved seeing all the decorations.

    Toddy is 17??? No wonder the poor guy sleeps a lot - that is such a grand age. And isn't it nice that he was your personal food dispenser:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  10. Howdy Norwood. Thirteen hours? Holy moly. That's one long trip. Hope you had lots of pee stops. Your old friend looks, well, old, but what a friend he is to leave food here, there and everywhere for you. We love your photos. Always good to catch up with friends. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. So not everybody loves Norwood, eh? Good to know.


  12. Looks like you had a great trip. My dad just did a family photo shoot at the place in Gahanna. Did you see the Post office with Letters to Santa? Next time you come to Columbus we have to have a pawty and invite Frankie, Ernie, Bocci, Ricky, etc. Sorry we didn't get to meet this time.

  13. OHio State Ohio State Ohio State!!!!!!!

    Stop on by for a visit


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