Tuesday, January 24, 2012

pile on

hi every bloggie!

Lookies. I'm wearing my christmas present
from grampie and granne.  It's a Ruff Wear approach pack

Yeppers it's a backpack.  huh?
Momma started piling all kinds of things in it. 


Meanwhile she tried out her new walkies stick. 
Geez. I'm glad she has to carry something. 

new walking stick

You'd think the extra stuff would slow me down.
Nope.  Come ON!
Today we hit the Marble Hill Trail in Stow. 
(can you believe there wasn't any snow?)


Whoa. Wait. 
I heard bauwk bauwk. cluck cluck. 
Oh the trail is a conservation area found right behind an elementary school
and nestled in a residential area if you are wondering.

That house along the trail had chickens hanging out in their yard. 
Hmmmm. I bet I could put one in my backpack. 
I bet I could. Sweet. Pile on.

Oh that's when momma called me. 
COOOOMIIIINGG!  darn it. No chicken tonight. 


No worries. I can still fly. 
Hee hee I look like a super nordude!  a caped crusader!

A few spots along the trail, I noticed rocks piled on. 
Okay.. momma says I do this for like 500 zillion times...
Watch out. Dirt is a flying. 

Along the trail we saw even more rock pile ons. 
Sometimes the rocks are trail markers. 
I guess kinda like my kick back markings but for humans.

New backpack

Hmm. But this pile on... I think they were just silly hikers
playing a game of trail JENGA 

Wait. I gotta an idea.
 I decided to make my own rock pile on with me!


Momma said that was ridiculous and stop being a jackass. 

Wait.. is that why I have this backpack?
She gave me that job... neener. 


  1. You look awesome in your backpack. The more your mom piles in there the stronger you will get.


  2. i fink we love it and we must get one...well thats what mommish thinks actually i briksey winksey think it would be most hiding my jelly rolls so i think bella needs one instead

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  3. I thinks your backpack is way cool. You could pack all kinds of treats and collect great rocks and gooey stuff to bring home for later. You are a handsome and lucky dude Norwood.

    licks and sniffs Sasha

  4. That new backpack looks great on you, Norwood, just don't let the Mom put all her stuff in there. Save at least one pouch for Nordudetreats. It does make you look like you are preparing for takeoff - it's SuperNorwood!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. whatever all do you have in there?

  6. Aw Geesh - now that Mom has seen this, she's gonna dig my backpack out again. I hope she seals the water bottles tighter this time so I don't end up with frosty paws from the drip. I think you should fill yours up with peepers in the spring. That would put enough spring in your step to fly over the rock pile ons....mebbee even the tree tops.

    Woofs and piled on slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

    Pee. Ess. -Did you tell your Mom that it takes a jackass to know a jackass? What I mean to say is that since she's NOT a jackass, then you couldn't pawsibly be either. Yeah, that's what I meant.

  7. I just LOVE your back back.. I'm sure you had some super SNACKS in there.

    When I saw the PILE ON thingy.. I thought you were gonna be POOPIN a huge Pile.. hehehee

    She called you a JackAss?? THAT is just NOT RIGHT!!

  8. I keep asking for a backpack! Hopefully one day I'll get one!

  9. No snow in Stow?
    Pawsome backpack, Norwood!

  10. You look do cool with your backpack. Just like a real National Geographic Explorer.
    Benny & Lily

  11. Nice backpack! That Ruffwear do make some pawsome dog stuffs. BTW, I did sumbit my bloggie like you said to do - thx. You know, the furry furst time I seened one of those rawk pile ons I grrrr'd and woofed at it. Well, it woz just weird.

  12. Kuster has that very same back pack waiting for him when he grows up! Dad won it from another blog and is hoping it will fit him when he grows up. I love wearing mine! You look fantastic in yours!


  13. wooo I do the same as you, pee and scrape, im usually on a leash so I get to aim it at my hu'mum BOL. Loving your backpack dude and the super Nordude flying, impressive stuff. Id be with you on the pile on if I was over your way. Happy trekking.

  14. I didn't see any treats in there...

    Stop on by for a visit


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