Tuesday, July 24, 2012

dog dayz of summer

Hi every bloggie!

I have some summer fun to announce.

You probably know I get around.....
not just on the trails, rivers and to fun doggie events
but also on the internets.
Me and a few pals from instagram got together and
created a fun dog dayz of summer daily photo theme for August.

Each day you post a photo for the theme of the day. That's it. Easy peasy.

See here's an example
Day18:  fav human snack! That's me and a DD jelly munchkin!
You don't have to be on Instagram to do it.
You can post it in blogland, twitter, facebook, G+, tumblr, etc.
Just tag or label it with the day's theme and augustdogdays.
You can do all the days or any combo. It's just for fun!
Okay that's all! Toodle loo!