Monday, July 23, 2012

the nordude paddler

hi every bloggie!
I first want to thank everyone for the burpday wishes.
I've been gone so long, I'm surprised anyone remembered me.

Anyways, it's be kinda hot. I mean really hot this summer.
So on the weekends, I've not only hit the swimming holes
on the trails but I've been kayaking too. 

This past weekend I went to a new place.
We rented a kayak from some really nice people at Nashoba paddlers
and paddled down the Nashoba River


It was about 87 degrees. Ready for a nordude?
Float Coat. Check.
Hot dog. check
Emergency Treat bag. Check
Okay... here I come!

Tula being an Akita, is not much of a paddler.
Well let's just say she melts when the sun hits her furdoo.
So FAD (fun aunt dee) came along ... while Tula snoozed in the AC

Fun Aunt Dee where is @tula ?

Hey FAD usually wears a chicken pocket. 
Wait for me FAD!!!!
Float Coat Pawers Activate!

Ha...woo didn't know I was a swimmin' fool too!
I'm not all nuts. wocka wocka.


Okay, back to being the first mate.
Gotta go.
The captain is yelling at me.

Oh PS. I turned off the comments section for now.
Don't worry.. thanks for stopping by! 

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