Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nordude runs for more than Dunkins!

Gosh! I have big big news!

This week I'm raffling off prizes to peeps and dog blog pals who help out.

You guys know I run and walkies all the time. Every day I log miles for Charity Miles to earn money for different charities. Last year I logged over 1000 miles!   So one of the Charity Miles organizations, Pencils of Promise  emailed me. They said we were one of their top walkers and offered a race entry to the NYC Half Marathon Pencil of Promise team. We were so honored, we accepted immediately! So being on the team, we did commit to raising $2000. The money raised goes to building schools in areas of need. Giving a gift of education! 

I'm helping out. I'm training with my momma. See! Even in the super cold temps, I make sure she gets her training run in with me

Better yet,  I'm also helping out with raising donations! 

Every day this week, I will raffle off a prize to any one who donates (any amount) on the day of the prize posted. My friends at MetLife gave me a few fun Snoopy prizes. Snoopy is still brand new so he's hanging out in a bag.  Here's the best news.  On the day you donate, you  get your chance to win.  Sunday's Snoopy prize is Red Baron Snoopy.  Enter and Donate today!  (any amount is fine)

Here's my donation page 

See me, the Nordude runs for more than Dunkins!. But munchkins do help. 

Every day is a different prize so stay tuned and donate! 

Thanks every Bloggie! 
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