Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ice, Freezing Rain and Snow

5am wet sloppy snow fell from the sky. I didn't mind. That's why I was built with snow shoes. Then the snow turned to an icy rain. I think it came from the happy three heeler land and blew northeast.  I watched the news.. school after school after school closed. Last year my mommie would stay home when the schools closed. Not this year. Oh wait but yes! My fun Aunt Dee is a teacher. She called and told me she was going to surprise me later!  Fun Aunt Dee took me for a long walk.  In these dark days of winter,  she had me put on my reflector vest and then off to the park.  I thought I looked cute in reflector yellow but I only wear it when it's dark.  Hmm but maybe I did look cute. She laid in the snow to take pictures of me.  She had me pose. She shot my profile.  She had me run back and forth.  She had me flip upside down and all around. I hope I get paid for being a great model! I think she wants me to be a movie star!  Look out Marley!


  1. Sorry I'm late with my well wishes here.
    And, belated Gottta Day Greetings, so glad you found a loving forever home & that lovely photo with Mom says you did.

    It's cold & icy here in the UK but nothing like yours - we are wimps here & I'm accident prone!

    Love, pats & pets from your new friend Blue

  2. Hey Norwood, you were built with snowshoes?Wooo you cahnge them for flip flops for summer? You do look good in yellow, yeah I would say it's your colour! Nice posing and oh Happy Gottcha day! Boy I'm sooooo wagging you were adopted pal.And blogging too!!

    Wiry wags, Eric xx

    I'm rolling up at the vet photo with the torch HEEEEEEheee!!!

  3. That sure was sweet of Auntie Dee to take you to the park. We bet you were all alone there??

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  4. Yu did a great modeling job Norwood. Eat your heart out Dog Fancy!


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