Saturday, January 17, 2009

what not to do to your friends

This summer, Norwood made many new friends at the lily pond.

He liked them so much, he jumped in to swim with them all the time.  
What's the problem, you ask?  He's swimming with his fun friends. 
Well Norwood recently contracted the wonderful intestinal parasite Giardia.  Good news, he is now clear of it.  Bad news, he has been invaded by another parasite... one that comes from the pond.  He has Alaria. The vet has not seen it in a very long time. Alaria only occurs when you ingest the host animal... a tadpole, frog, snake, mouse.  Now he had to ingest it within the last 35 days.  Which friend was it? The pond is frozen over.. ..
Here's what I think happened?  Norwood won't tell me. 

I told Norwood that I think we will stick with these kind of friends, friends like Mr. Moose. He kills these friends too but at least he spits out the stuffing. I have to teach him better manners with his friends.  Friends are not for killing or dinner. 


  1. Only u goofball! that's all we have to say.

    kiss kiss,

  2. Did you have to go and eat a mousie for dessert? Poor, poor Norwood! I know you didn't pick up Alaria from swimming this time of year!

    I go in the pond a lot in the summer and now my mom is on red alert. Thanks for teaching us about the parasites.

    And tell your mom that she should just kick Green Ball. Ms. Alpha agrees that it is just too cold to do much throwing. Hands need to stay inside mittens and then inside warm pockets.

    This am was BRUTAL!!!! Yet Ms. Alpha experienced a moment of wonder when she noticed our shadows standing together in the sun. It was a beautiful sight...just the shadow outlines of us.

  3. Good idea - stuffies don't come with Giardia!

    We did battle with Giardia for a year. Not fun!

  4. Oh we are so sorry Norwood. You need to let mom know which little critter is was so it doesn't happen again..
    Hope it is getting warmer there. It was in the 70's here today..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  5. Norwood...did you eat a mouse and get some sort of yucky??? Mice are yucky..w.ell at least that's what mom says!!!

    We hope you feel better and get rid of that whatever you have in your tummy and intestine!!!


  6. G'day Norwood,
    Sounds like you've been in the wars too. We can't imagine getting one bug little alone two. Hope you're feeling ok matie.
    Take care and best stay away from all those little friends.

    Noah Willow Tess & Lucy

  7. EEEK. Poor Norwood. Sounds nasty. best leave those pesky little mouses alone.

    Wiry wags, Eric xx


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