Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year's Day Fun

Brrr.. New Year's Day was frigid.  This poor boy's toes kept freezing up so I brought out the mittens. (aka-boots) An initial struggle was soon over followed by a nice prance. (trying to figure out how to walk in them)   Here he is, so fancy, with his fleece mittens.  I know.. I know.. it really isn't a fashion statement in this case it is function.  For those owners who need to use boots, I use the cheap ones that the iditarod dog use... give it a try - at $2.50/pair it is a good investment.  Go to  And, if he loses one, it is not a costly loss and they fit good too.

Now we are ready for the trails.  We headed to Ghiloni Park in Marlboro.  Oh yes! We had the park and the trails to ourselves.  Norwood took full advantage of it.  The ice cold gusts blowing against our face. The snow draped pine trees.  Fresh tracks in the trails.  We had a great time... expect I could not keep up.  I wish I had a furry face and four legs some days.. today was one of them.

It was a beautiful clear blue sky mitten wearing kind of day!


  1. Oh, those boots are so cute. We don't get much snow here, so we wouldn't really need them but they look like they protect your feet very well.

  2. That looks like one of those crazy-cold days that you are soooo cold, lose all sensibilty and end up having a rollicking good time.

    I prod Ms. Alpha out of the house on those especially icy mornings with the assurance that we will have a magically fun time and the world is soooo quiet.

  3. Hi Norwood!

    I'm pals with Archie and Agatha and came right over to say hello and introduce myself. You sure are a cute fella! I have to wear boots too, to protect my paws from the nasty de-icer that coats every sidewalk here in the city. I have a set of Muttluks and also some that look like deflated balloons that I can't shake off when I go dashing through the snow after a tennis ball!

    Come visit me!

    Your pal,


  4. Hi Norwood

    Its very nice to meeta you
    Deetzy Boy

  5. Hi Norwood, good to meet you! Agatha and Archie sent me over. Looking pawsome in your boots..far better than the baby socks I've been wearing lately for my they really ARE a fashion statement. Wag over sometime?

    Wiry wags, Eric x

  6. We told everyone to come over and meet you!! As for us..we would NEVER keep those boots on!!!!!!!! Love A+A but PL2( pack leader) would LOVE it if we did

  7. Hi Norwood
    So vewy nice to meet you!
    I'm oals wif Archie and Agatha too and hope we can be fweinds!
    I'm totally jelly of youw snow..Mommi is going to get me some of those booties.I'm still hoping we'll get snow evenchewally.thanks fow the advice
    love and smoochie kisses

  8. Hi there!

    I thought I come over & introduce myself - I'm a hooman friend of WFT's Agatha & Archie.

    I think your booties are brill, I wouldn't want to go out without my mittens on.

    Pats & pets


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