Wednesday, April 28, 2010

waiting for wordless wednesday

* Just a couple words on wordless wednesday about the Pawdance Film Festival .Latest entry is from BrucetheCat. You see Bruce fell in love... it might be a love of his lifetime and he captured this beautiful romance in his romantic category flick. Here's me previewing it from my iPawd.
I'm still looking and waiting for your entries- didn't u see me looking for u above! I'll extend the deadline from May 2nd to now May 9th. You can enter as many categories as you like. You have to get in it to win it!


  1. I'm trying to inspire my photographer but we just aren't khreative and artsy -

    Maybe if I give her enough adult beverage....

    PeeEssWoo: I did send woo some flowers today!

  2. Well, I know Ruger is in love with his rubber Frisbee (I think that's just plain kinky myself .....) but our humans are technologically challenged.

    Maybe they should just hand me the camera.....

    Slobbers and kisses

  3. Oh Norwood - I'm so glad you extended the deadline! My human has a great idea for my entry for the Entertainment category but she was panicking about how to film it & edit it all before this Sunday! now this will give us a fighting chance! I'm also trying to come up with a couple of entries in the other categories this space!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  4. We need to get mom off of this cartoonizing trip and get her into video film making! We'll work on her, Norwood!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Hold my slot! Our entertainments will arrive this weekend.


  6. Come on everyone...if I can do it so can you! Don't disappoint Norwood!
    your pal,
    Bruce the cat:)

  7. Love the video with the ears flying in the wind!

  8. Thank goodness you've extended the deadline! The actors here appear to be on strike, this will give me time to negotiate new contracts!

  9. Norwood, I wish my mom would let me learn how to do all that technology stuff so I could enter your grreat festival. I can't wait to see all the entries though.

  10. Hi Norwood! Am thinking of another movie ma took of me a while ago - nothin' fancy again, but sumpin else, just the same. Didn't know we could enter more than one, but wish I could edit "films" heheheee! Love your "Waiting" vid - that is furry funny!
    Hugs xoxoxo

  11. Hi Norwood. We are trying to get mom to get up and get filming - she has not even charged the video camera yet. But we will keep pushing her! We like Bruce's video - it is very good!

  12. we're working furry much hard on it norwood . it should be coming along . these humans of ours need more training..

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

  13. Mama is working hard on putting it together!!! She is sighing a little in relief that you extended the deadline...THANKS from Mama!!

    It is a fun and great idea!!!


  14. Can we submit one that has already been on our bloggie? Or does it need to be new, never before seen footage?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  15. I was JUST gonna say i can't enter cuz i'm sooooo busy between a wedding i'm in and getting ready to MOVE! oy. i want to. maybe after the wedding i'll have time. i hope. you can see i'm barely writing on wild dingo! :(

    i will be watching enteries!

    wild dingo

  16. Wooos Norwood! I would like to enter my beaWootiful self, but my photographer seems to be severely challenged in trying to make movies... so bummer fur now. So we will just watch them all. I loved how woo watched that cat!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  17. Hi Handsome fella,
    don't you worry, even though a puppy is coming, I always have belly rubs for you. You still are, and always will be, my most favorite boy in blog land;)

    Hugs and kisses and belly rubs!

  18. Oh Norwood, we so wish Murray's Mom could video and download with ease - we'll keep at her!!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  19. Mr Director Mr Director...Did Hollywood call yet? Did you get an agent? How much are they giving you for your first film?? A MILLION HOTDOGS?????? Love A+A

  20. Breezy day there, Norwood? We aren't very good at video editing - but we love watching what others can do.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, c'mon over and TD will share his frogs.

    Woos = Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  21. Oh it looks like Bruce has got it bad!

  22. Hi, Norwood!
    I will send you my videos this weekend. But I guess I will need your help to decide the category!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. We're failing at this contest entering. Some of my mom persons videos are only available on YouTube cause our computer crashed.

    Now that they are on YouTube we can't edit them for length.

    Maybe we'll try one more time to take a new video tomorrow. *sigh*

  24. umm ears down in front plz... tuck'em back already! working on one more pawdance video- don't close the competition just yet!

    an extra dora explorer cup is in it for ya.


  25. What is the contest???

    You sure are cute on video!

  26. Just like Marky Mark said! Get in it to win it!


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