Tuesday, March 08, 2011

norwatch icam

hi every bloggie!

When my momma leaves for work,
she wants to think I just do this all day.
Ahhhh so sweet and being a good good boy.

Yep me I was good! Yep indeedy!
Well then she came across an app called iCam .
It allows you to set up your computer as a webcam
and tah daaaaaahhh abracadabrah!!
She watched me ALL DAY long!
Here's some footage....

I didn't know anything about it.
Now she knows, I AM on the couch (huh? what no couch rule),
I play with my tricky treat balls, I barkie at the window and at the door.

Oh! Wait! I see her coming!

Gotta go!
Hmmm how will I explain all this.... any suggestions?


  1. Mice! You saw mice in the couch!

    Happy Tails,FUREVER!
    Stumpy and her hoo-bean

  2. Ut uh no way Khyra - not if FAD installs an igloo cam!!!!

    He's on his own fur this one!

  3. my mom wants to get one of these too!!!

    Did you find the mice that were on the couch???



  4. Just say that the only best way to look outside of the window was to be on the couch. That's the only you could have a better view of what's going on outside. Say that!

  5. Blame the mice!!! They made you do it!!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  6. I'm all for blaming Mice. Or, just telling her you were making sure the whole house, including couch is safe! :) Hope you aren't in trouble!!

    Jen and the BDC (where the dogs think they own the couch!)

  7. The hu-dad says no way, no how does he actually want to know what we do all day. Something about ignorance is bliss.

  8. You sure are in a pickle now. At least you weren't on the fancy white couch. Actually, that would be my choice because of the view. Just a suggestion. You are going to need a can of spray paint for that camera. I will bring one when Pea and I come over for the party.


  9. Easy Norwood...all you have to do is give her the look...you know that irresistible look you are capable of. Look right into her eyes with that sweet face of yours...sometimes cocking the head to one side helps too. She will be powerless to be upset with you.
    your cat pal,

  10. Your secret is safe with me!

    Your pal,Pip

  11. It woz your evil stunt dubbull. We all has one.

  12. I think you should sue her for invasion of privacy!! What's next, a private detective? GPS tracking system? Sheesh.

  13. Mice in the couch is a great idea!

  14. Mice in the couch is a great idea!

  15. Thats so MEAN of her to spy on you!


  16. Nordude... when your mom has the no couch rule talk with you, just ask her this: If a dog is on the couch and no one's home, does the 'no couch' rule really exist?

    Sam and Pippen

  17. Ditto what Shawnee posted. although mice in the couch could make her think ....
    That was sneaky to hide a camera to catch you during the day...

  18. Holy crap Norwood thanks for the heads up. We will check the house for a camera, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  19. We think you need to re-position the computer when she leaves:) Ours thinks we sleep the whole time she is gone too. We'd better not let her see this.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  20. Dang Norwood, we suggest you eats the camera.

    Bobo and Meja

  21. Is nothing sacred anymore, Norwood? You need to lose this spycam!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  22. blame it on boredom.. it always works.. just give HER some sad eyes.. and beg her to take you to work next time.

    no couch rule? hehehe.. don't them hoomans know that there's no such thing in a doggie's world.

    woofs n licks,

    pees.. this doggie video cam thing is cooooooooooool! You are the coolest dude!

  23. wooo I love this, its just great. I bet your mum is so happy she can see you.


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