Sunday, March 27, 2011

life ain't fairballs

hi every bloggie!

I'm back! Boy what a week. See this foto.

That's the final moments of my freedom.


Yep. I was a... ahem.. jail bird. Locked up. Detained.

Can you believe it?

I did have one highlight of my week in jail.

Mango momma came to see me during visiting hours.

PeeWee goes to camp here so she knows everyone.

Go ahead and check it out.

Can you stand it? My momma meanwhile flew all

the way to California to visit these folks.

Cousins... Lindsey, Parker and Kelly.

Oh wait.. it gets worse... and my new cousin Wally Beanballs.

Well I added the beanballs part.

He can't even see woo. Look at his furdoo.

wally beanballs

He's all confused. Can't see. Has a lion furdoo.

Why am I in the hole while momma plays with wally beanballs?

lion cut

Look she even let him jump on her like I do.

It just ain't right. More to be continued.

Oh... momma wanted to show you this video

She ran in a race that goes from Sausalito across the

Golden Gate Bridge to Aquatic Park in San Francisco.

She even took my new norwood cam (mini muvi video recorder) with her.

You can tell she doesn't know how to use it-

she aimed it too high but you can still enjoy the race with her.

Okay- sigh.... more to come. I'm not happy.


  1. Oh my woo! Poor baby!!
    I loved your escape video, your accomplices are funny! LOL.. I'm sorry, I have to say this.. but.. Wally is very cute too.. I know.. but see.. Wally looks like a baby I used to have :( But woo are my number one! ;) xoxo Hugs and belly scratches, you so deserve them! :)

  2. Nordude, you deserve an academy award for that sad face! So glad you're out! Fiures miss floozy tail and peewee were part of the escape!

  3. Oh dogness! You were in jail???? poor yous... what didya doooooooooooooooo wrong??

    neways... your momma shud have left the cam on you... hehehehe

    that was real sweet of Mango's momma to go see you. Hope she brought you some nommies.

    Glad you are finally out on parole :)

  4. Norwood-it's not fair that your mom left you! Next time tell her you want to come and you can hang with me!

    Woof. Velcro

  5. You need an attitude adjustment weren't in were at the Monte Carlo! And...all your froggie friends were hopping around the hotel room with you all weekend long! That's right, the trick is sleep and dream, then you can be anywhere you want to be.
    Besides, you've gotta give your Mom a break every now & then cuz she's pretty special. And you sure can't beat the homecomings!
    Love ya Nordude!
    your cat pal,

  6. You are just waaaaay too cute to be a jailbird for very long, Nordude! That was very nice of Mango Momma to visit!

    Penny & Patches

  7. What was your mom thinking? Why would she ever put you in the Slammer? NOT right!!!
    At least Mango Momma came to visit.

  8. Oh Nordude, I had a whole B&B thing going on at my howse last week. You should has commed ofur and stayed with me. It be nuttin like jail, it be one big PAWTAY! I be the activities director so you know we has funs here.

  9. Hey Norwood!
    Wow, I totally agree...that just stinks! Put in the puppy pokey! Sometimes I get thrown in the slammer too, but I look at it as undercover work. That helps...a little. try giving them a big ole guilt trip with that sad face and maybe you'll score some yummers or extra walkies out of it.
    Grr and a Jailhouse Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  10. Congrats to your Mom for her great run - looks like she it the West Coast rainy weather:(

    Are you still in jail, Norwood? We would love to try to spring you, but we are waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy far away. Maybe you can get another party date with Khyra and Pee Wee.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. Glad you are out of jail now!!!


  12. They kept you in jail while your mom was out having fun? That is no fair!

  13. What kind of hairdo is that?

    woof - Tucker

  14. Poor Dude.

    We're glad you're moma's back. We missed you while you were incarcerated. Even though we knew she was havin' a good time. Without you.

    Poor Dude.

    J and F

  15. Nordude that is one of the saddest photos we have ever seen. Its good to have you back pal.

  16. Hey Norwood. Yep, mom's rescue saves up the Coke reward codes. If you have any you can email them to her. You can find her email on the website, and then click on contact us and she is the relinquishment coordinator. Thanks so much! :)

  17. HI Norwood, I've missed stopping by to see your irresistible self, so had to come by and see how you have been and to say hi, and give you some tummy rubs!

  18. Wow, your mom sent you to jail so she could party? So not fair. We're glad you had some visitors to help you make a break-out film.


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