Saturday, March 12, 2011

last snow shoe fun

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Okay... it's been almost 2 weeks ago.. but I'm finally posting these pics.
I think it was my last snow shoe adventure for the season.
Pretty much all of the snow has melted by now.
But I'm sure sibe-nation will savor this post.

It freshly snowed. Plastering all the trees and trails.
So of course, momma put on her snow shoes and I put on my mittens.
We hit the Marble Hill trail in Stow MA.
We'll start with me looking handsome. hee hee

See I wasn't lying when I said it was snow plastered.

Furry furry pretty.
There was no body...nahdah no-one on the trail.
All you could here is my bear bell ding-a-ling

So I'm zooming along .

We kept running into these weird trail markers.
I guess humans made this trail into a torture course.
All signs said perform at your own risk.

Momma didn't do any pull ups despite my pleads.
Oh well. See.. please please please.
I tried.

We came upon the next part of the torture series.
Now this one I wouldn't mind doing.
Only problem... the logs were buried in snowballs.
I guess I'll come back when it's melted.

Oaky, ready for the live snow shoe action!
As always... here it is.

I hope you saw momma try to poke me with her pole! huh!

Let me tell you... some other evil things she does to me,
you can see it really good on this pic.
Momma gives me home haircuts. See lookie! holes in my furdoo.
It's not right.

Okay this was a photo op stop.
Really it was a rest break for you know who,
momma's heavy breathing.
She said this was a tough ungroomed trail with all hills.
Hmm.. I had no problems.

Okay look up!

Yeppers I was smothered by this huge tree!
That was inside it.

Okay I bet your tired too.
So I'll leave you with my infamous snow balancing trick!
I think I have a few more snow pics left
and that should be it for this season. I think spring is here.
Gotta get the frontline on.. our pal Dex got lyme's disease already
bye bye!


  1. How nice to see snow again, Norwood! Ours is pretty much all gone. Enjoy it while it lasts, right?!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. We can't speak for all of Sibe Nation, but we sure loved it! Our snowfalls are dwindling into a couple of inches at a time that disappear within a day or so. Sigh.

  3. I have to say that your mom does give you the most peculiar fur cuts. No more snow almost. Hooray!


  4. Hey Norwood!
    Wow, great pix of your winterland outing. Love the snowy snout shot! BOL I think just the walk alone would be enough torture for my Mom...she's a real whimp about the cold (ptthhhh). Anyway, glad you got out and had a blast!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  5. Well now I think there should be a SIGN... NO POKING NORWOOD.

  6. Norwood, Don't worry. No matter how hard your mom tries, no amount of messing with your furdoo will make you less appealing to the grrrrls! It just can't be done.

    The snow may be melting. But that means frog hunting season is just around the corner! Time to get your ribbet on!

    Treats and scritches!
    Stumpy and me

  7. Sorry to hear about your friend Dex.

    Looks like you had a great time in your last romp in the snow. :)

  8. Lets hope its the last snow romp!


  9. What a great time playing in the snow!

    Thor and Jack

  10. even exercising on a day like that. Lazy over here is tired just watching you
    Benny & Lily

  11. Be careful with the Frontline coz it did not werk on me and I got the Lyme cooties last year. Yup, I pulled bloody ticks off of me DAYS after I had been hiking wot mom did not know I had on me and that happened with Frontline on. I switched to K9 Advantix and it werks better. The only ticks we find now be ded ones the same day I has been hiking.

  12. Snow is just so beautiful when it is clean and untouched by human plows - we are supposed to get some overnight, but it won't last long. That is one wild tree you got under.

    Have a great week.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. You look so handsome in all the wonderful white snow! We don't have much left, so I know five fluffy members of Sibe Nation who are now dreaming of the white stuff...but I think they are going to be disappointed. I'll show them your pics, Norwood, and let them live vicariously through your wonderful snow adventure!

  14. Great photos! You look like you had a great time.

  15. wooo super photos pal, you sure enjoy the snow. Love the last pic of you. Hey did you notice your mum put you under a tree with loads of snow on it for a photo, bet she was wondering if the snow was gonna drop on you. You gotta be careful buddy.


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