Saturday, February 28, 2009

Camera Critters #47- Mon ami, coeur d'un lion

Hello! I almost forgot to tell you about my new friend. 
I met him a couple weekends ago during my walk along the 
Charles River. No, it's not my trusty faithful mr. fuzzball friend 
that I bring everywhere. (he's in my mouth if you can't see it)
His name is MacGruff. He saw me running around the baseball field
and decided he wanted to chase me. I chased him, he chased me..
 I think you get the picture. If not, here it is.

His full name is MacGruff Coeur D'un Lion. If you look closely. 
Go ahead get close. You will see a brown patch by his hind leg.  
Go ahead.. look. What shape is it? Yep, you're right. 
It's the shape of a heart.  So his dad said his full name is 
Heart of the Lion.  I don't have a fancy name like that.. 
but I have just as much heart.

I told my mom to post this one too. She really needs to learn 
how to aim.  We ARE sitting still. Look at that focus. Geesch!

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Camera Critters

Oh.. My pal Eric honored me with the Honest Crap award. 
I will post my confessions tomorrow.


  1. Wow that's a real heart shape your new pals has on his hind leg. How cool is that.


  2. Norwood
    Soldiew's Field looks like a gweat place to meet fwiends ..I like youw lion heawted Fwiend..just cause you don't have a sign on the outside doesn't mean youw heawt isn't just as big
    smoochie kisses

  3. Nice adventure. Looks like a bit of undercarriage mud on both of you.

    More snow today, huh?


  4. Oh, what a great post!


  5. I klnow these 2 are fun together Sandy6

  6. Mr. MacGruff looks like a wonderful friend. It sure is nice to have a friend to play zoomies with..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  7. Norwood looks like a Norwood, cute and adorable. I'm glad he had fun with his friend MacGruff. Great photos!

  8. Norwood, you are adorable! And your friend is lovely too!

  9. hi Norwood, that's so cool that you got to play with a friend. he's a nice looking kiddo and how lucky for him to have such a distintive heart patch on him.


  10. Okay - so I like your new friends markings, but I agree you are JUST as cute ... though I am intersted in finding out more about your new friend's DAD ... what does your MOM think about him >>>???

  11. Well it's nice to see you guys wet like us after a walk.....WE ARE GOING TO GET A GUGUNDA STORM>>>CAN NOT TAKE ANYMORE..arggggggggggggggg Love A+A

  12. cool that you met a really nice friend who wanted to chase you!!!

    I bet you had fun!


  13. I like that last photo, looks like a game of peek-a-boo ;)

  14. Wonderful photos!! I enjoyed spending some time here today. Nice to "meet" you! :)

  15. Hi Norwood,

    Looks like your life is pretty cool. My days are filled with jumping on the counters all day and sleeping on clean clothes when the people are gone. Maybe you can visit again soon and I"ll show you again who's "boss".

    Tiger S.


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