Friday, February 20, 2009

Sky Watch Friday ..Shades & Shapes of blue over the Charles

I ventured out to the Charles River-Soldier Field in Boston-actually closer to Cambridge near Harvard University. The sky changed from gray to light shades of blue.  It was a chilly spring like day for winter.  

I just love going to new parks. I love watching everything. My mom says I have a staring problem. See I can win any staring contest.  Here let's go..... start staring at me.  Ha! You looked away! I win. 

Here's a geometric view of the Charles River. The warmer weather broke the ice into these neat shapes floating on top the river.  The poor ducks.. how can you swim in that? 

I like to swim but no no no.. my mom wouldn't let me. 
So I met up with Mr. Seal.  See, I can pose like him too. 

  And take a listen to my seal call.
Pretty good don't you think? It at least showered me with sunbeams. 
We are participating in Sky Watch Friday, check out the other fabulous sky photos. 


  1. Your seal call made me jump out of my fur! Never heard anything like it.

    Plz wait until the river is completely melted... and your frog friends are back out.


  2. Really a stunning set of photos. I like the dog too. I think the dog is greatest.

  3. dog lover! you have a cute dog. great portrait in the first picture.

  4. I think Skywatch pictures are always better if they include an animal. Norwood, you are a real character. We'll be stopping by often to see what you're up to.

    (the maybe? part red heeler at the 7MSN - my parentage is a complete mystery)

  5. The first one looks like a old post card and my favourite! Greetings from Sweden!

  6. G'day Norwood,

    Those awe bootiful photos of the river and I loved your seal call. You asked me about what the Westewn Wall is. It's one of the most impowtant religious places in the Jewish religion, but it's also impowtant fow Christians and Muslims. The wall supports the terrace whewe the temple of Yahweh, or god the father was in ancient times. Aftew the Romans destwoyed the temple, the wall became all that was left of this sacwed monument. You can leave your pwayews thewe and it's a direct line to god! Some people even fax thewe pwayer! Latew, the Muslims built the Dome of the Rock above the wall, because it's the point whewe the Prophet Mohammed twavelled to heaven and met god pawsonally. That must have been quite something, pals. The spot whewe the Dome is, is also impawtant to Christians and Jews, because they believe it's whewe Abraham, a gweat holy man was to sacrifice his son to god and pwove his gweat faith once and fow all. The Jews believe Abraham was going to sacwifice his son Issac and the Muslims believe it was his othew son Ismail. Issac is the fathew of the Jewish people and Ismail is the fathew of the Arabic people. So, they awe all cousins. Whichevew son it was, this is a vewy impowtant and vewy holy place whewe people believe god is close. So, it's the bestest place to pray fwom.
    xxx Asta (oz)

  7. hi Norwood, is that you making that seal call? wow! that was impressive.

    we like your pictures of the ice chunks in the river. we can see why your mom won't let you swim in it. it looks cold and kind of dangerous. we bet you can go swimming in the summer.


  8. Woof! Great photos. Loving your new header photo too. Woof! Sugar

  9. I think I need to make a trek up to Boston so we can watch the scullers on the Charles. Your photos are terrific. Oh, that light!!! Such a stunning backdrop for a lovely dog like you, Norwood.

    Your pal,

    PS: I miss peanut butter!!!!!! My mom won't buy it any more

  10. Great seal call! I don't think it will yield much out of the Charles, though...


  11. Love the selection of photos from Norwoord's point of view

  12. What you couldn't go swimming? What is up with that? Don't humans know we have fur coats?

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  13. OMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NORWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We just saw this post!!(We are wicked as we say locally) catching up! DO YOU REALIZE HOW CLOSE YOU WERE TO US!! When the weather is nice we will all have to meet up!! WE are not allowed off lead as we would end up in New Hampshire but we could walk together!! Love and ksises A+A

  14. PS was there a lot of goose poop??AA

  15. I love New England blogs! As beautiful as it is where we live now, home is home. Know what I mean Norwood?

    I have family in Hudson, right next door to you! They have 2 dogs you'd love to play with.

    great shot of you at the Charles!!


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