Sunday, September 27, 2009

good samaritan acts misunderstood

hi every bloggie!

Last week Mango and Peewee made a jail break- escaping the estate to oversee a construction site. I saw the news story and called the media to quickly state.. Mango in fact is not a moose.
It really stirred fear amongst the community. I DID NOT call the animal cops to get them arrested. Quite frankly I'm still unsure what Mango is exactly.. isn't that a fruit? I was trying to dispel the fear. That's all.

Any whooo, I not only hunt frogs.. but anything that moves. This includes the fall favorite-squirrels. I didn't seem to get anywhere just chasing them into a tree. I had to come up with a plan. Ah ha.. how about this trap.
Only problem, I have to wait after the trap is baited and spelled correctly. Ho hum where's my bottle of Baileys when I need it.
Wait.. I hear something. Yes indeed it worked!
Gotta Go!


  1. oookay.. hope MANGO can't read or watch the news...or escape to Marlborough.

    anyhooo, watch out for that squirrel. i think he wanted your baileys, not those coocoo nuts.


  2. Norwood, that looks like a very good idea. Please let me know if it works. I have some nasty little chipmunks that torment me by my front window lookout. If it works for you I might try and find some smaller nuts and give it a try. Waiting for your results.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  3. He again
    that squirrel
    he is EVERYWHERE ...... ;)

    Kareltje =^.^=

  4. Go get that squirrel!!

    lots of woofs

  5. I know it was you! A moose indeed!

    Do let me know how the nut trap works.


  6. What a clever trap sending the squirrels a message in their own language! I will be using that (unless you have copyrighted it) to lure in those squirrels that taunt me daily from the tree outside my kennel!
    I see you caught one already-good job, Norwood!
    You are such a NUT!! and I think that's why we understand each other so well.

    From one nutjob to another-have a fantastic week!
    Chester ;0=)

  7. Oh that was so very clever of you Norwood...glad your plan worked! Those squirrels are everywhere, Sharon & Jesea just spotted some in Texas!
    your cat pal,

  8. NORWOOD!! this is a BRILLIANT ruse!! We are on our way outside to try this out.....Love A+A

  9. such fun you guys are !!sandy

  10. Norwood! Somehowl you got dropped from our Sidebar! No wonder we've been missin' ya! But you're back! We don't want to lose track of you've got too much good advice for a coupla wirey types learning the ropes.

    Great idea! Do you think it will work for birds? Somehow one of us thinks (he') a bird dog.

    Fergi and Jake ooxx

  11. Great idea with the skwerrel trap, Norwood! We hope you catch that guy! He seems to be EVERYWHERE! I think we even saw him on Facebook!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  12. Oh magnificent idea Norwood and it appears you've already trapped one a dos furry varmints!
    xo Sammie

  13. We know you were just trying to help the mango - hope you get to catch a squirrel

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  14. BOL! Maybe you can set out a mango as the dot on the "i" of "hi"... we're sure that's going to help getting even more evil squirrels!

  15. We hope you got him Norwood cause we sure dont want that pesty little thing over here!

    We like your trap!

    Riley and Star.

  16. Nowwood you awe bwilliant, but I had no idea that squiwwels knew how to spell.
    Did you evew find youw baileys to calm you whiile you had to wait?
    I love youw yawning pictoowe
    smoochie kisses

  17. That little guy is on the loose again?
    How could Mango ever think you would call the dog police on him?

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  18. We are glad you saw our froggie, Norwood. We shall let you know if we spot anymore!

    We hope you find your Squirrel!..hehe

    Holly & Zac...XX

  19. Don't bother, you'll never catch THAT one!

  20. Hi, Norwood!
    It took some time but that squirrel appeared again!
    He is everywhere!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. Mom just fell out of her chair laughing hysterically! We gotta go lick her face to revive her, Norwood!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  22. Cripes. That Trevor McDonut reads the news your side of the pee too?

    I've never chased a squirrel. Ever. I know I know. Not worthy of my terrier title. Mom is wondering if I'm an acorn short of an oak tree.

    Wiry wags n kisses Eric xxxx

  23. Oh no, not HIM again!!! Get him Norwood.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  24. How about Frangelico, some hazelnut liqueur instead of Bailey's. Your rodent friend might get a whiff of it and run straight up to you and then you attack...just a thought...


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