Friday, October 09, 2009

eYewatch frog friday! #15

hi every bloggie!

it's happy eYewatch day! I'm sad to say this may be my last post about frogs until the spring. Yep... my pals hibernate so today's eYewatch is about the changes mr. frog goes thru for hibernation.

First of all, I am no expert. The information was found on Nature Trivia. I just like to hunt them.

Okay, now to enter hibernation, several changes in position and behavior can be seen. Mr frog spreads the legs into a "four-point stance" after its body temperature has dropped to near freezing. See!
At the bottom of a pond, this stance provides stability against any activity that might dislodge it from its winter refuge.

During hibernation, debris and other organisms may scrape across the eyes. To protect the eyes from damage, the frog raises a special "eyelid" called a nictitating membrane. At the same time, the bulging eye is pulled closer into the head. Peepers are closed. Kinda creepy looking.

And the most significant change is in respiration. As the frog cools, it requires less oxygen. A cooler frog can stay completely submerged for longer periods of time, only surfacing occasionally for a needed gulp of air. Hey where did he go?
A hibernating frog may look like it is dead. It can be placed on its back and show no inclination to turn over. Good thing most are buried in mud under the pond or my lips may find them again. And my final tribute to mr. frog until the spring. eYe went a little crazy.....

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Bye Bye Buddy! See you later! Happy eYewatch Frog Friday


  1. I have a few more to share with woo!

    Happy FrEYEday!


  2. no joke.. when you're berserko.. look out! froggies or no froggies~


  3. Yes Norwood the frog time is over
    you can play with a toy frog in autumn & winter !!!

    Kareltje =^.^=

  4. Well, I guess you will need to work on your frog capture and release skills over the winter. It is warm in your estate, right? Tell mom to collect some practice froggies and keep them inside. I'm sure she won't mind.


  5. Thanks for letting us know what frogs do during the winter Norwood! Now on to what animals roam around in the snow besides goofballs named Norwood and Monstahs named Tula because you will definitely need a new obsession. We don't want YOU to go into hibernation!
    your pal,

  6. I mark my Fridays by your frog exploits sandy

  7. I still can't seem to understand how you can put something like THAT in your mouth Norwood...icky! Bruce can put a lizard in his mouth...icky! Thanks for all the interesting frog facts!
    your human pal,

  8. Hi Norwood! Thanks for tell us about the frogs. It´s Spring here, I´ll share some with you!
    Have a great weekend Norwood!


  9. I like frogs ok, but those are disgusting...reminded me of the ones I dissected in highschool.

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  10. hello norwood its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow it sownds like those frogs ar going to end up just like the faymus kryojenic pioneer walt diznee hoo is in hibernayshun deep in the bowels of the its a smal wurld eksibit or so i am told!!! ok bye

  11. I miss my hippities already!

  12. Norwood, we'll miss your froggy adventures!

    The nslm loved that Smilebox - he kept wanting to watch you over and over!

    We put a picture of our garlic chicken on our post today!! Remember that garlic conversation Murray's Mom was having a few weeks ago!

    Have a great weekend

  13. Norwood, what will you do?? You know they would be much easier to catch like that(giggle).

    licks and sniffs, Sasha

  14. Maybe you need to take up deepsea diving so you can find those hibernating froggies.

    Khyra has some very cute frogs for you today.

    woos and happy weekend, the OP Pack

  15. awww,.... we're sorry that it's the last of the froggies!

  16. Hi, Norwood!
    That is a very interesting info about frogs!
    I saw one today!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Boy, you are like Mr. Science doggy! Maybe you should have a TV show. I'm gonna check out the kud for sleepy head froggies. Real easy to catch.

  18. You are looking gooed Norwood. Hopefully your Mr. Frog will be back in no time..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  19. Yikes! Will totally miss Eyewatch, but thanks for the lesson on hibernating froggies! Did not know those things! Love the smiley box's pix and MUSIC - pawsome tunes.
    Hugs xo

  20. Hi Norwood, I have been hearing about your interest in...amphibians. I finally got a chance to stop by to find out what it is all about... only to discover that you are putting them away for the winter. I do like froggies myself. I have a nice little collection going here. Even though you are sending yours off for a long nap, I thought I might post a couple pics on my blog for you some day. Don't worry. YOUR REAL ONES WILL BE BACK.

  21. Hey, King of Frogs. We like what you're ears are doing in the smilebox video. You're very talented.
    Hey, chilled frog sounds all good. We could hire the pinkies' diving gear and just have a looksie at the bottom of the pond, ey, shall we??!


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