Wednesday, October 28, 2009

adventures of the ghost hunting society

hi every bloggie!
Shhhh! I'm reporting from the sleepy hollow graveyard. It's 3am. The temperature is mid 30's and there's an eerie wind blowing from the north.
click play to listen to the spookie sounds!
Tonight is the night for the ghost hunter's club meeting. We are investigating paranormal activity at this graveyard. Rumor has it in 1832 a woman named Roxie was in an unfortunate accident that left her only child dead. She now haunts these grounds in search of her baby.
oh my dog! did you see that.. I see movement
what.. wait you can hear a faint cry
I capturing some temperature changes

Holy crap.. i'm getting the h*ll out of here!
Next time I'll just call the Ghost busters... no more do it yourself.


  1. Norwood, get out of there!!!! Please, you are scaring me. The scary noises almost knocked Mommy off of her chair. Please go home and snuggle up and be safe and stick with frog hunting, I don't want anything to happen to you.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha
    p.s. That was an awesome post and thank you Anne

  2. Crikey mate, that was a bit spooky. I dont think you should hang out at that graveyard anymore.


  3. Don't worry Norwood, I've got one of those unlicensed nuclear accelerators ordered for you. Just strap it to your back and you'll be armed just like a Ghostbuster!
    Just be sure you don't call ME for this one....YIKES, STRIPES...I'm PETRIFIED!!!!!!!
    your scared-E-cat friend,

  4. OK Norwood, you've got me looking up Ghostbuster quotes now when I should be getting ready for work. Do you think Kevin will think this is a good excuse? This was my favorite!
    " you smell something?"
    Now I have to go cuz you've scared the SH_T out of me!
    love ya,

  5. Norwood, schedule your next meeting at Spider Gates, in Leicester.

  6. Norwood you are soooo brave. I wouldn't have gone near that place. I saw that scary thing moving in the pic.. It made my hackles rise and my muscles quiver. OOOOOH I hate this time of year. I had to take 3 treats just to be able to sleep last night.

  7. I see you subscribe to the Eddie Murphy school of dealing with hauntings: "Too bad we can't stay."

  8. Norwood...

    We love how you've gotten into the halloween spirit of things. These posts are fantastic!

    Now stop scarign the C*#P out of us.... If you need us, we'll be under the bed or in the closet.

    Nellie & Calvert

  9. OMG, Norwood! Why aren't you home curled up in your bed at this hour? Are you nuts!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. You're on your own Norwood.
    I don't do "creepy"

    Chester ;0=)

    *Mom does admire your creative bravery.

  11. I saw the ghost Norwood... I SAW IT!

  12. NORWOOD! Get out of there now! What are you thinking???

    Hey, guess what, the good dog attention lady said its time for Pee-Wee to get tutored after he marked at school for the second time and went insane cracker dog over some black labragal. He thinks tutoring is some special gifted dog school. We'll just let him keep thinking that. Hehehe.


  13. Norwood.Crickey how scary was that last picture? Specially the barnet of the dude on the right. Don't bend ovah, you never know where those busters are going to point their instruments....helloo Norwood ...woooooooo still there?????

    Wiry wags Eric xxx

  14. Oh man, norwood, you had us shaking in our paws from the gitgo - get the heck out of there NOW!!!

    Wooo ooooo oooooos, the OP Pack

  15. Hi, Norwood!
    It sounds like "La Llorona" story here!
    Its about a lady that cries for her kids too!
    Let those ghost buster do the job!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Didn't your mum tell you that's not a place or the time to be hanging out there as a doggie...


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