Sunday, October 25, 2009

welcome to fright week

hi every bloggie!
It's fright week here at norwood unleashed. Come on in and grab a glass of chianti!
click play to hear my special message

It's gonna be a good time all week long until halloween!
Come join my pumpkin patch... Pumpkinize yourself and send me your foto to add to the patch.!


  1. Hi Norwood - we're only writing this from behind the sofa as it's really comfy here - um, we're not hiding at all, honest!! That is one CREEPY photo of you in the mask.... *shudder!* We're a bit scared by all this halloween malarkey, we think we're gonna need loads of treats and tummy tickles to get through it - he he! Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  2. Norwood... You Scared Me!!! You look like a stuffie molester. It's in the eyes you know.
    I tired to get into my pictures so you could pumpkinize me, BUTT they must be all messed up like my blog is. I just don't know what the cat crap is going on with this mess.
    PeeS I voted for Scritchy Scratch two times, due to the scarey nature of your post today.

  3. Norwood, you are so skeeeeeeery!!! You like fava beans? And chianti????

  4. Oh look you got a basket muzzle too! Haven't seen the full face mask through...


  5. It's going to be a week of fun...I'd better get ready to send you a photo of Bruce. Yipee!!
    love ya,

  6. I might have to close my eyes when I read your blog this week.


  7. Ah!!! I just scared myself with that horrible pumpkin face! Norwood, you might have to help me get through this scary week!
    your cat buddy,

  8. Hey Norwood, I loved the personalized Pumpkins. Later on today mom is gonna really carve a pumpkin to look like maya. How exciting. Thanks for stopping by our blog.
    talk to you later

    The Fl.SunDogs Trio

  9. Norwood, please leave my liver alone, you can have the fava beans and the chianti...

  10. Great pics Norwood.

    I am looking forward to barking at all the kids that come to my house to trick or treat ;-)

    Wizz :-)

  11. We love it Norwood.. Mom will check out the pumpkinize..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  12. even for us, it's a little bit too scary...

  13. I LOVE your Halloween pictures and can't wait for the rest of Fright Week! Bring it on!

    How have I missed your blog???

  14. Since I have Merdie here with me, I'll be brave and not get toooooo skhared!

    We'll chekhk out the pumpkin thingie later (after we get our blog bakhk log khleared)!

    Mom says YUM to Italian AGJ!


  15. Dude, it's been such a long time since we visited! You're a very active guy--we had so much to catch up on! You've had some very fun adventures. We love fall up your way, btw. Totally beautiful. Oh, and next year at Pet Rock say "hi" to all the white GSDs for us--those are our peeps! We foster for Echo Dogs.

    Great to see your face again, buddy. Even though it's fright week, we like your fun face--eyebrows!


  16. Woooo! Norwood Looking forward on your plan for fright week. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  17. aaahhhhh!
    okay, I think mom finally figured out why she could not ever comment!

    those are some spooky noises you've got going on!

    boooo-ahh -ahh ahh...

    what are you dressing up as for howl-o-weenie?

    p.s. tell your mom that she did Fab at the Tufts 10k

  18. OK, Norwood, we will do whatever you say, just don't say BOO!!!


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