Friday, November 06, 2009

eYewatch friday! #18

hi every bloggie!

What a long week. Finally, eYewatch Friday! First of all, eYe have to tell you about what happened a couple weeks ago. I wasn't feeling too good. My belly hurt. My poop was funny. Dun dun dun.. so I had to make a trip to a .. dun dun dun.. the vet. Yep of course, there is an eYewitness account of this torturous event.

Me.. waiting. Why do I hear crying and yelping? and People laughing?
Look my tuners are tuning in more strange sounds.

And then the vet tech enters. I tackle her with a hello. That might tell her who's in charge. But she snatched me and put me on this table. She moved with a quick strike and amazing strength.
I can only imagine what she's gonna do to me... then Oh yes.. a little to the left please. This isn't so bad after all.

I think I like this. I think she likes me! Really horrible here. Come to find out I was diagnosed with one of those "itis" condition. My poop shooter is inflamed. A few magic pills and I'm back to normal.

And now... your eYewatch upclose shots.
No better place to be than on my pillow palace. My eYebrows get so heavy.
You couldn't keep your eyes open with these fuzzy caterpillar things either. Happy eYewatch!


  1. RutRoh!

    Well, I preskhribe a visit to my blog fur woo!


  2. Sorry that you were not well, but looks like your V-E-T took good care of you.

  3. Oh Norwood!
    We hope you are feeling better now!
    The vet was very nice to you! :)
    Have a great weekend!
    Rufus and Indie

  4. Glad your visit to the vet went well, Norwood! Hope you´re feeling better!
    love, Thor

  5. Happy Eyewatch Friday Norwood! Sorry I can't post today...sharon left me & kevin here alone at the shop & he doesn't know how to blog...I'm still watching you though! Have a GREAT weekend!
    Luv ya man!
    Your pal bruce:)
    ps glad the vet wasn't so bad after all & so glad you're feeling better

  6. Sometimes the V E T can be nice. BUTT... Anyway, I am very much glad that you are better now and that the "Hershey Hustle" is gone. Whew.

  7. We are soooooo glad you are feeling better, Norwood!!! We are really really happy you didn't share pictues of your temperature be taken!!! Love the fuzzy caterpillars and your tuning tools are awesome!!!

  8. Sorry about the icky eyetus thing!!

    You do have very cute eYecatapillars!


  9. Hi, Norwood!
    Sorry you were sick, but happy you are doing well now!
    Those visits to the Vet are not fun, right? I know that!
    Happy eYewatch!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Oh how I hate "itises"! But you did pawesomely well. Cmon over, cause I have an award for you, dear Norwood!
    Hugs xo

  11. I guess if your poop shooter was inflamed that means they took your temperature with that OHMYGOSHWHATAREYOUDOINBACKTHERE gizmo?

    Glad the pills made your itis better.

    My 2 legger pappy has eyebrows just like yours, but it's because he is old, not cool like you.

    Keep on rockin' my cool friend!
    Chester ;0=)

  12. Dude I hope you're OK I went and hid under the table as soon as you said "vet".

    Hoover BPD

  13. Oh we are so sorry you are feeling under the weather. We are sure those magic pills will have you back to the wild thing in no time..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  14. I think that's called a flaming a-hole, buddy. Glad you got cured, right? I think vet techs are witches. They talk all sweet and lovey and pat you and give you yummies and then BAM they have you in a headlock.


  15. Norwood

    Hope you're fully back on form! Though that vet technie seemed very friendly!

    take care

  16. So glad you are better now, magic pills come in handy once in a while. And you really wouldn't be Norwood without those eyebrows:)

    Happy weekend, the OP Pack

  17. Oh my! I hope you are back to your old self soon!
    Kasha and Africa

    Nothing funny about the itis of the pooper.

  18. Oooppssss.....
    The Vet
    I was also last week by the vet :(
    I don't like him :(
    I am happy you are feeling better now :)))))))))))

    hugs K.

  19. can u do somethang about them andy rooneys now?! puggesh!


  20. You rest our little trooper. An inflamed poo shooter is the least favourite thing, we understand. Take all the pills you can get!

  21. hope your pooper feels 100% soon!


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