Wednesday, November 25, 2009

destination nutsville

Hi Every Bloggie!

Pardon my recent absence from blogging! Saturday morning I was awoken by a 3:50am alarm! Huh what was going on?? I had a suitcase packed and we quickly hit the road.

Look! This ain't right. It was pitch dark for awhile then the sun rose behind us.
I really wasn't sure where I was going and what was going on.
I was a bit dazed and confused. That's why I'm all a blur.
We made a few stops where strange things greeted us. Why would a bear greet us? I think he looks more like a beaver anyways.
The day was bleak, damp and cool. But even at these rest stops, I caught a whiff of a deer.
and it set me in devil dog mode. I tried to dash towards it in the field. Geez.. why not? I needed to stretch my legs.
The welcome center in PA was surrounded by vineyards but NO vino for sale. Ahem, you know who was a bit disappointed.
Then more and more hours of my excellent co-piloting. 12 hours to be exact.
Finally, I had to take over. I do have my backseat driver's license.

Our destination? I ventured to a place filled with nuts! Yep. Buckeye Nation- Columbus Ohio- terrority of the Ohio State University Buckeyes. I don't care what mom says, that Brutus Buckeye looks creepy.

I immediately did a proper "norwood" style greeting to my Ohio friend Bethy and
a heeler hug to Kenichi. I know they are going to enjoy my visit.

PS... I'll catch up on your bloggies soon. I'm sorry I haven't been around.


  1. Norwood! I checked the map and Oh Hi Yo is totally west of the Rt. 495 force field which means that anything could happen. I see from your photos that there are some pretty scary things out there. Watch out!


  2. Hey Norwood,
    Is that your license plate?
    Pretty cool if it is?
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. We love road trips, so hope you are having a blast on yours. Though that buckeye dude looked scary. Did you "mark" him?

  4. What a great trip blog! I always tell the boss how to drive as well ;-)


  5. Norwood Norwood Norwood. I just don't know what about you Norwood. Heck... If I had known you were coming to Ohio... I would have met you somewhere in or near Zanesville. We could have shared PeeMail... in person.
    At least you were here while it was still a bit warm and sunny. Hope you had a good time. Glad you are back to your blog.
    I hope that you will have time to write and post your Adoption Story for tomorrow. If not then... PERHAPS Friday.

  6. Hi Norwood
    Nice post today
    its always nice to read your FUN
    adventures :-)
    Happy Thanksgiving to all !!!
    Kareltje =^.^=

  7. hey Norwood, are you a paw driver??? Haaaa, ok bad joke. Hmm. Buck eyes?? Pease please?? Thats a long old jouney. Wishing you a wickedly good time. Visit my bloggie when you can- k? Wiry loves Eric xx

  8. Have a great time Norwood!

    Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    take care

  9. 12 freakin' hours of co-pilotin'???
    No wonder you went into devil dog mode.

    I wish I woulda known you was passin' thru my home state, we coulda chased critters together.

    Hope your Thanksgivin' ROCKS and you have a safe trip home.

    Gobble. Gobble.
    Chester ;0=)

  10. oh my dog! you are suuuuch a patient copilot! I would have bonkers after 2 hours!

  11. We just love your Heeler hug to Kenichi, Norwood!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Wow Norwood, those friends must be pretty special for you to drive that far to see them! You actually drove more than we did from Texas cuz we only had to drive one way. Bet you're glad to be back home just in time for Thanksgiving. Hope you have a nice day tomorrow.
    Love ya,
    Sharon & Bruce

  13. Norwood! why don't you co-pilot your ship over to NORCal, in the redWOODS, where your name would make much more sense... and spend some quality time with Juno and Loki.

    you look like a fun fella. they'd like to romp with you!
    wild dingo

  14. That's a hug and half! Maybe that bear did teach you something??

    Have fun on your vacation (sounds like a horrid drive, yawn)!

  15. Sounds like a nice and looooong trip!
    Sure you had lots of fun there!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. Pawsylvania has some silly AGJ rules sometimes!

    So, did woo take the last train to nutsville?

    Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


  17. Whoa! Norwood! One of my fave things! A road trip! Thanks for sharing your adventures along the way and so glad to hear you have a backseat driver's license! (A wonderful thing to have!) Happy Thanksgiving to you and I am so glad that you got to tag along for the ride! Look forward to hearing more!
    Huggers xo

  18. We will miss you, Norwood, but we hope you have a great time. If you keep driving west, you could come visit us.

    Happy Thanksgiving, the OP Pack

  19. hello norwood its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that is kwite a drive that is like almost all the way to kalifornya!!! yoo must hav incredibul stamina!!! ok bye

  20. HAPPY THANKSGIVING NORWOOD! Come over when you get a chance cuz I'm passing on a very special award to you!
    your pal,

  21. hey you're NOT suppose to do that! wait until i show Paul on saturday... you'll be back in good doggie 101.


    peeses: i really don't think i'm float size! puggeashers.

  22. What a long ride you had Norwood but it certainly looks like it was worth it..
    Happy Turkey Day...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie


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