Monday, August 09, 2010

a day off

hi every bloggie

The other day mom said her mentals were just shot. She's been working ALL summer and still hasn't taken a vacation yet. Boring.... so I talked her into taking a day off. And get this! She listened! Yahoo! Since it was mid -week we ventured off to Hopkinton State Park for an afternoon of swimming. During the summer this park is crazy busy on the weekends that we don't bother to go. Woohoo just our luck, not busy at all!
Hopkinton state Park-2
Oh yes... pawfect! I got the boat docks all to myself. I reign supreme!
hopkinton state park1
You can't go to Hopkinton State Park without taking a dip!
hopkinton state park -4
Practicing my shark impression! duh dun duh dun Pretty good huh?
hopkinton state park -3
Here's the live shark version. Or actuallyit's just me having funballs swimming and ignoring those pesky recall commands.

Yeah nothing too exciting about the day but I think mom's mentals have been recharged.
hopkinton state park -6
I'm glad I could help! Who's next?


  1. Wonderful day!!! My mom has been feeling the same way.... time off is a good thing :)

    Tail Wags from me!!


  2. tell your mommie, we spied on her blogging this post- heheheheheheee. she didn't even know it! oh, i left woo a message right by the entrance door!


  3. Hi Norwood. That looks like it was a beautiful day! The sky was so blue. Glad your mum got her mentals re-charged. We think our mum needs that too.
    your pals, Morgan & Maisie

  4. My momma takes those mentals days sometimes too. It is most restorative.

    Recall fail, huh? Maybe she should have gotten your suck up teacher's pet blanket out.


    P.S. I think your mom scared Master when she showed up at the prospective Tula estate. He thought he was seeing double.

  5. Norwood,

    What a beootiful place for your mom to recharge her mentals. I am so happy that you was able to helps her do it too!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  6. What a great day! I'm glad you talked your mom into taking the day off!


  7. I just had my the team is back so I'd better get busy & look like I'm working again.
    your pal,

  8. Norwood, it was nice of you to take your mom for a day to recharge. I hope she's feeling better.

    Those mental days are so restorative!

  9. I think it was soooo very much nice of you to help your mom get her mentals back. That was a grrrreat way to do it. For BOTH of you.

  10. Nothing like a day at the lake to refresh the mind and the body!!! Glad you had such a fun time with Mom. We could use some cooling off here - headed to a heat index of 115-120 today!!! Crazy as can be.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. Norwood, you look SO happy!!! I'm glad you convinced your mom to take a day off.

    Did my friend ever make it to your house?


  12. Good job on convincing your Ma to take a comp day whoo hoo for you! (How didja do it?... cookies?) But what a recharger not only for Ma, but for YOU TOO!!! And when I'm having fun, I blatantly ignore the recall stuff when there's things I need to chase down hehehee! Guess you found summa those things, huh? Love the place you went - and hope you Ma had fun too!
    BIG Hugs xoxoxoxo
    Sammie and crew

  13. That is great that you convinced your mom to take a day off so you could spend some time together! And that looks like a great place to do it!!

  14. You always go on the coolest adventures

  15. Wooo - our hu-dad says a day off sounds like a terrific plan and he wants one soon.

  16. I am sure your mom enjoyed a lot being there with you!
    I hope she is fully recharged now!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. It looks like you and your mom shared a very relaxing day, Norwood! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  18. hello norwood its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmmm dada tuk sunday off frum the sunday awards and meem show but i think his mentals ar stil shot!!! ha ha ok bye

  19. But she missed the chance to write 8/9/10 !

    Nice recharge day!

    Khyra and Khousin Froggie

  20. What a fun day trip! Well, all except the swimming thing.

    woof - tucker

  21. I love a good random day off work :)

    Don't forget, we moved to


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