Sunday, August 15, 2010

shadow shot sunday is full of hot air today

hi every bloggie!
Sorry I haven't been around much but see this guy in the first foto- that's my grampy. He's visiting me all the way from Wisconsin so I've been showing him all my funball spots.

So this morning I took the old man to a really cool event- the Hudson Hot Air Balloon fest to watch the lift off. And guess what! I got some really cool sunday shadow shots too! (at end of this post). Sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy flying the friendly norwood skies!

Wow lookie! Look what hot air can do! I know a few humans that could fill one up- can't tell I'm pointing at him can you? Oh..oops bad dog.
Bad dog looking super cool- I look cool don't I? Oh your here to see the balloons. Oops
Then we watched as it heated up! I didn't get too close! Don't want to singe my signature eyebrows.
Oh maybe too close. I'll back up.

Okay they look like they're ready to fly!

Ready? hit play to see the hot air balloon filler up session and lift offs! (apologies in advance-it is an iPhone video so not crispy clear)
I don't know if you noticed, but the balloons are set up right in front of my frog pond!
I bet these see all the peepers from up there! I should've hopped in for a ride. Hey wait wait for meeeeeeee!
Now it's time! Time for the shadow shots!
Ooooeeeuuueeooooo! That one almost went into the frog pond. Now just hovering over but cool shadow.
Okay if you want to see more of the zillion hudson hot ballon fest fotos go to my flickr page. If you want to see more shadow shot sunday fotos- go to hey harriot's bloggie!

Sorry I haven't been around, this old guy takes alot of care and attention. I'll be around to your bloggies soon!


  1. That looks like a worthwhile way to spend the day. The balloons are really pretty, yuh. Grampy looks very handsome with you all sitting there next to him.

    I bet he gives you lots of treats and lets you jump around cracker too, huh? Where is TM?


  2. Once again, you are the dude! We would never go near those things, just too weird! You and your grampy look real stylin' too!

    Sam and Pippen

    PeeS. Pawesome dancing at the pawty, dude! You were rocking it again!

  3. these are supa doopa pictures of them ballooons.. i know me hoomans would love to be there :) glad you are spending quality time with your grampy.. have fun ya!

    woofs & licks,
    Dommy & Piper

  4. Love hot air balloons we sometimes see them floating over from Balleroy.
    and yes, you looked cool dude!

  5. We had one of those balloon fests, here, but they wouldn't let dogs in! I'm glad you got to go in and see it! Take good care of Grampy!


  6. Great shadow shots, man! Love those hot air balloons! You do look cool!

  7. Holy Gwalk A Moley... you surely do know how to show your Grampy a grrrrreat time.

  8. Wowee! Your grampy is so lucky to have such a wonderful tour guide! One time my two-leggers were in one of those things and it splashed in a pond like that and lifted up again. Mom wasn't too crazy about that though. Hehee.. I wonder if the frogs were nervous?


  9. That seems like a very scary adventure. I saw a blown up dancing man before when I was in the car and I barked at it like crazy. I'm sure I wouldn't have behaved as nicely as you did at the event.

    woof - Tucker

    Pee S - aren't Grampies the best?

  10. You sure are a photo hog! But a mighty cute one. Enjoyed the balloon ride and all the photos.

  11. Norwood

    We love those balloons! How lucky were you to get to see them all so close up! Great photos!

    Enjoy your time with your Grandpa!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  12. What crazy sized balloons! I'm glad you stayed away from the fire. I totally understand the importance of a good set of eyebrows.


  13. Way cool way to spend the day Norwood. Make sure you give Grampy enough slobbery kisses to last until his next visit.
    Your pal,

  14. Oh Norwood - thanks soooo much for taking us to balloonland through your eyes! I love balloon fire-breaths! And Mom has one of her fondest memories of the only balloon trip she ever took over a place called Cappadocia in Turkey - it was so totally pawesome! But! Not as pawesome as your gorgeous shadow shots! Those are AMAZING!!!
    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  15. What a great way to spend time with your family! And, you were very brave to not be scared of those giant balloons, too!

  16. Those balloons sure are pretty. One year we had a few land in our neighbors yard. BOL

  17. Sure is cool to see all your hot air Nordude. What I mean to say is that, the balloons really go high up with you around. Uh, let me rephrase - you look right at home with all that gas.

    Sigh.....I think I better quite while I'm still ahead. I am still ahead, right? Oh geesh, just give a big slurp to Gramps for me, will ya? He looks like a real cool dude and I betchya youse twos have a real good time together.

    Miss you and all the other fun dawgs in DogBlogville. Someday I will return

    Woofs and hot slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  18. You didn't ride? You could have put on the Super NorDude cape, leapt from the balloon, and snagged a frog from the pond. Now THAT would have been a cool video.

  19. WHOA that looked should have hopped on one with your Grampy( who looks very cute with you ) Listen do you think we would take one over to see Jake and Fergie?? Love A+A

  20. Another instance of GMTA ;=)

    Pawesome day fur all!

    PeeEssWoo: If only the Gloucester Fisherman Dude was named Bill..

  21. Lucky you, Norwood! We would love to see hotAire balloons in person!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  22. Hi Norwood! What a fun day with your grandpa! Love the colorful baloons and dramatic skies :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  23. Hot air balloons sure are pretty. Are you sure you don't want to ride in one?

    Don't forget, we moved to


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