Sunday, August 29, 2010

shadow shot sunday- stinky edition

hi every bloggie!

I missed last week, but not this time. It's shadow shot sunday! Today's post is right in line with the theme of my week. Stinky. Huh? How can I capture a stinky shadow shot?! Well I found just the place. Come on and follow me.

(oh- just want to mention I'm feeling kinda handsome in this profile shot)
Norwood the Great
Ready- let's go. Remember I move fast. We're headed along the Hobbs Brook Trail again. I was here once before . The trail is right behind the wayside inn which is a famous historic stop along the Boston Post Road a super old road.

blurry norwood
Yoohoo- let's go please. While walking over the boardwalk, you can look down to see lots of frogs take their mud spa treatments here.
Norwood ALERT
Rut roh next is the railroad track bridge? Remember? Okay DON"T look down here. Just keep moving and walk straight.
the railroad dance
Well I stopped to snap a shot from the railroad bridge. It's a bit scary since you can see thru it while you walk over the brook. Eeeuuu!
hobbs brook from above
Okay We're almost at the shadow shot spot but I'm hot. Time for a dip.
afternoon dip
It's a beautiful day! You can come in too! Just take your clothes off! Ha just kidding. Yep.. I'm just gonna take a minute to see if any peeps of mine, I mean peepers are around. I'll only be a minute.
norwood fin
Alright. Shake off and now ready.. here's my stinky shadow shot for sunday!
gotta go?
Can you believe this pooper shack is right in the shadows of the trees along the trail!!
I bet it smells worse than me! Whew! A shadowy poop hole! Eeeeuu!
Well it is fitting for this week's theme. Happy shadow shooting. Check out more shadows on hey harriots bloggie! Bye! Signing off stinkee boy


  1. PeeU! With such a great photo, I can imagine the smell from here!


  2. I'm glad I popped in for a visit - this is a fabulous post - I am still laughing!!

  3. Sadly, we have seen some on the trails that look worse than that.

  4. We were going to come over until you said the don't look down part... Now Archie says forget about it..... Love A and A

  5. Norwood, are you cruisin' for another b-a-t-h? I think we can smell it from here!

    Penny & Patches

  6. Oh, pewwwwww!! What is that? A human litter box? You're looking terrific Norwood, but you need to stay out of places like that!! Really great smelly shadow shots for the day!!

    Sam, Mojo and Sylvia

  7. Norwood did you get a good whiff? Can't believe you put your nose right up there. Back to the swimming hole OK!!

  8. Ha ha ha! I was not expecting a shadowy poop hole! I'm going to be giggling over this all day!


  9. I think I can smell it from here. But looks like you had fun exploring. :)

  10. you sure do go far and wide to get your shots!

  11. Thanks for that stinky poop house photo. Good to know mom can always freshen up if she feels the need during your walk.


  12. Obviously the last person to use that poop house was a dude.

  13. Good find Norwood. It looks kinda creepy though.

    Noah x

  14. Thas was a good find.
    But stinky! Yuck!

  15. We're laughing away here - great post!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  16. OMG, Norwood, stay away from that dirty disgusting toity seat! You never know who might have used it last! ewwwwwwwww

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  17. OMD we can smell that ShadowSHot all the way over here in farrr N.Idaho!!!
    Smooches,BabyRocketDog & Hootie

    Good ShadowShots...Made me laugh. Did I tell you my hubby and I will be in Boston next week? Fly in Fri.nite and will drive to PA Sat-Sun and plan to be back in Foxboro by Tues. for a school he must attend. Not sure if I'll be taking my computer.

  18. We think we would pass up this potty. Give us a tree or a grassy patch any day. Bet it stunk worse than skunk stink.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. A potty room in the midle of the trail??
    Very interesting!
    Happy Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  20. My mom person's tummy flopped just by looking at the pictures of that bridge thingie.

    That outhouse looks quite odiferous!

  21. Two dirty posts in a row . . . I must be in NORWOOD's blog!!! Yay. Of course we remember you move fast, duh

  22. That's one heck of a discovery Norwood! Got a clothespin for your snooter? :)

  23. That pooper looks kinds delapitated - I bet if anyone sat on it they would fall right through - ewww.

    woof - Tucker

  24. No Norwood...don't look in there! Some things are just not meant to be seen!

  25. Terrific, that' s exactly what I was seeking as a service to! You just spared me alot of oeuvre


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