Friday, October 22, 2010

eYewatch friday- fall fireworks

hi every bloggie!

Whew finally made it! It's friday and time for another edition of eYewatch. This week, yep you guessed it, my eYes are still on the fall foliage. The colors have lit up the skies like it's 4th of july! It's the eYewatch fall fireworks edition. Okay, I can't start this post without being properly attired. Enter halloween bandana.
And here we go.... you've seen me pose here plenty of times. But kabooom! check this out!
Pow kaboom!

Okay now for the frog pond... take that peepers! Put your peeping peepers on that before you go to sleep in your mud beds.
Oh it's not a celebration without a refreshing drink.
Ahhhhhh! So pretty! here's a look upstream.
and back to me...
The kissing bridge has me feeling all frisky too.
Those pictures were a couple weeks ago. Still have this weekend and next.. so stay tuned for more.

Okay now for scary funballs. I love love love halloweenie.... oops I mean halloween. Some of woos might remember that last year, I had a grand spookie celebration. Yep it was my 1st Fright Week! Muauuuaaah!
If you missed it last year, you can check it out here.

Welcome to Fright
Nordude's Nightmare
Adventures of the Ghost Hunting Society

Woos are all invited for the paranorwood event, my 2nd annual FRIGHT WEEK for pure scareballs.

fright week invite
Ghouls allowed. Screaming pawmitted! I'll be down and out preparing until then....

Oh and before I forget, I'll be hosting a costume pawrade. That's me last year... silly day camp staff thought it was funny.
Send me you in a costume- photochopped or real to We will have the grandest costume pawrade in the land. ! I'll post our pawrade all fright week long! PS- it's just for fun not a contest.

Mango (of course the mango) asked no prizes? Got me thinking... for every costume photo sent in for the pawsome halloweenie parade, I will donate one green paper towards a gas card for my favorite fluffy tail, Miss Khyra's rescue transports.

Happy eYewatch friday


  1. Hi Norwood,
    D says she wishes she could see the fall colours in Massachussets. They must be stunning.
    We have some good Halloween shots to send ya.

    Noah xx

  2. Huh? No prizes? And I have to enter, like this weekend? Ruh roh. Mrs. Procrastinator might have trouble with that one. But I will try.

    Hey! Are you on the balance beam in that photo? Perhaps some back flips are in your future.


  3. I love the photos of the water, with your ripples, and the fireworks reflecting. Wowee!

  4. Funballs! We just posted our costumes on our blog today since we had to wear them last night. I can't wait to see all your Halloween fun this year because I love Halloween, too!


  5. We will be there for fright week Norwood!


  6. When do I have to enter by? My costume is still in the works.

    woof - Tucker

  7. OMF!

    That is hopping special of woo!!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Khan we play Vampire and The Innocent Huzzy?

  8. Wow, the photos are just amazingly beautiful!!!! Love fall in New England, looks like an outstanding one there now.

    We just might have to send an old pic, we aren't doing costumes this year. So fantastic that you will be donating to Khyra's cause.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Our fall colors are a little muted this year, but are still beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  10. The colors are just beautiful Norwood. You are one lucky pup to have that in your backyard..
    What a cool contest.. Not sure what we think about your costume last year.. Kind of Foo Foo-ish.. hehe

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  11. what if woo don't need a costume?? hehehehe..

    actually got the pawfect one.. sit & stay until halloween!!


  12. Norwood, your blog assistant really outdid herself with the foliage photography. Of course, it helped (tons) that you were in the forefront!

    Stumpy and I are on our way to dirtville! I hope we can find a costume en route! Sooooooo awesome of you send some green stuff the Khyra's transport!

    We're so sorry we weren't able to make it out to Marlboro for another visit. It was all about family, for us, and we sure did enjoy our time with our family!

  13. Norwood. Those colors are amazing. How could anybody suggest that dogs can't see color? We think it's all beyond beautiful. 'Specially the reflection pics.

    So. We're gonna try try try to get Moma to help us be in your costume parade. We have our doubts, though. It's a minor miracle that we got her to help us read and write tonight. And we have soooo farrrrr to go to catch up!

    Trying our best,
    Jake and Fergi

  14. That is SO nice of you to donate a green paper to Khyra's transports. On my way to email you my photo now (in my fish nets...hubba hubba) haha

  15. That's a cool contest, Norwood.
    Beautiful fall colours!
    Great pictures!
    Happy Sunday!

  16. the leaves here have not yet started to change



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