Thursday, October 21, 2010

running the rails

hi every bloggie!
Esch! I'm trying to get this post up right before mom heads to work. Talk about last minute. Ugh.
The other weekend I went to a new rails to trails- the Bruce Freeman RT in Chelmsford, MA. I loved it. I think this might be my new favorite rail to trail. There was a pond for refreshing, side trails to explore, plenty of port-a-potties along the route, a stop w/ ice cream, coffee and even a sports bar! It was a furry nice one and highly recommend it.
See I was able to take water breaks along the Assabet River and the little streams- pawfect for cooling off during a run.
And here's one of the stops- an antique shop..tahdah your halloween foto shot of the day! Creepy faced pumpkin though... so I didn't want to look directly in his eyes.
The trail was decorated with artwork too! The artwork were scenes from long ago in Chelmsford.
Choochoo failure and the country side. I bet I could pee sketch one if they'd like!??
Oops instead I went into pure interpretative art mode! Look at me go!
More dance interpretive art from me. I hope someone throws me a dollar!
Okay believe it or not we ran 6 miles that day and parked right at the pond. Furry furry pawfect place to end. Okay here's your handsome shot of the day. Please ladees no droolies on the monitor.
You thought I'd just stand there and look handsome.. not this boy.
Yeppers refreshing!
Oh... I told you it was refreshing! Yahoo! Doing the classic norwood roachin'
Okay.. norwood done! (stole that peewee's catch line- ha)
Here's the trail link: If you are in the area, check it out. Happy Thursday :)


  1. You are waaaaay cuter than that pumpkin, Norwood! That trail looks like the pawfect place for walkies AND roachin'!

    Penny & Patches

  2. Woooo Norwood that looks like a great fun trail to run. How nice of them to put a lake and stream there for you to cool off in, pawfect.


  3. I like the name of this trail Norwood! What a fabulous day you had!
    your cat pal,

  4. This looks awesome! I would love that water part and that roaching part. I also like those pornographic shots of you.


  5. The water is warm enough to still go swimming. Boy you are brave.

    woof - Tucker

  6. So much eye candy! And you're our favorite!!!

  7. I think that the ladies are *drooling*, you handsome dude!

    A long time ago, I lived in Harvard MA... not too far from Chelmsford. I love seeing your photos. They bring back wonderful memories! That looks like one of the "great ponds" that you visited!

  8. WOW!

    Wasn't the FAD filter on at that hour?

    Nice pikhs

    And the scenery wasn't bad either!


  9. Norwood

    We loved each and every one of those photos! The scary pumpkin got Murray laughing here as well!

    That is one brillant place!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  10. Humans don't always have so many great ideas, but I do love those Rail to Trails! I tried to resist, but I did drool a little! You're such a handsome fellow!


  11. That was all Grrrreat..except the scary Pumpkin thingy.
    Butt I gotta ask.. what is up with the posts today?? You show your PeeShooter and Mango is Pharrrting. I'm just askin'.

  12. I would love to give this trail a go, Nordude! Why no pics of you refreshin' yourself at the Sports Bar - or weren't ya allowed in?

    Woofs and interpretive slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  13. Uh-oh. Riley's got her dollar bills out! And now she's drooling all over that handsome picture of you... Oh boy, I better change the web page before her slobber ruins my computer!! That looks like a beautiful trail!

    Elyse and (moon-eyed) Riley

  14. Wow what an awesome place!!!! We wish we had a place like this!!!!

    ~The Monster Crew

  15. Are you kidding me? You did all that even after our exhausting class at skool? I think you look a little like the loch ness monster. Watch out!

    What is this running six miles nonesense? I ran from three houses down all the way to my house. That's almost six miles.


  16. Sounds like you had a good time. We don't live to far from Chelmsford ma so we will have to check it out.

  17. Looks like you had another great adventure Norwood. :)

  18. THAT really is a great trail - so nice of Massachusetts to make all those fun trails. We loved your handsome photo - great background for you to post against. Isn't that water cold for you yet? You roacing in the sand looks like so much fun - bet you do a big shake when you get up.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. Hey Norwood!
    Great pix of your outdoorsy self. Love your territory, but wasn't that water cold?? Brrrrr Here in PA I can say it's too cold to put my tootsies and pee shooter in the water. Love the scenery and I'm glad you got out in it!
    Grr and Woof,

  20. Looks like a great trail Norwood :-)


  21. What an awesome place to play! Your handsomeness is somewhat astounding.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  22. Sammie here: oh Norwood, Mama is cleaning off the puter screen, cause you knows I just can't resist your "handsome" shots. Owwwwwoooooooo! Also just like your sporty style! Thanks for all the info tho - my sis is going to do the research and thinks it's cool that Mass. (or parts of) are turning rail beds into trails - pawesome totally!
    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  23. What a beautiful trail andrefreshing swim. Keep rolling in the sand and you are going to look like abig sand monster..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  24. hello norwood its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow ar yoo becoming a hobo??? that sownds like fun!!! ok bye

  25. you look so happy on that trail! I can see why its a new fave



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