Thursday, October 28, 2010

it's the fright week finale

hi every bloggie!

It's finally here... it's finally here!

Okay- Let's go to the Paranorwood for the friday fright week finale!


  1. The conga line was oddly entertaining. Thanks for the Howliday fun Norwood! Bet you give the neighborhood kiddies great treats too. Do you give 'em frogs????

  2. Mwuahahahahahhaaa we did the mash! umm... but that big bee stingah thingy needs to keep his distance from my fragile tulip pedals. just sayin.

    that was furry funballs NORDUDE!
    best frightening finale evah!


    back to conga conga conga!

  3. Bravo!

    That was khonga pawesome!!!!

    Khousin Merdie is khurrently snoring her appreciation too -

    Khyra and The Golden Khousins
    PeeEssWoo: How about a little game of Khonvikht and The WoofieWarden

  4. Awwww.... we aare so sad that we were not able to open up the link. I guess there were just too many pooches and quality control. We will stand in line outside in hopes of gettingin!

    Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

  5. OMD!!!!! Disregard our last comment! We were just not in our right minds..... that conga line was scaaary fun!!!!!! You are a creative pawson!!! Thanks for the endless laughs!!!!

    hugs & smoochiesXOXO

    Hailey and Lala

  6. That conga line was awesome fun, Norwood! Everyone looked fabulous in their costumes!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. WoW-it looks like I done missed a fun week and now I gotta kick Mom's butt into the shower so I have no time for this but as Arnie Swarz. says: "Aaaaah'lll be bach"
    (why he wants to be Bach and not Arnie I will never understand other than he's a 2 legger-and a big one at that!)

    Your froggie costume is the BEST!!!

    Woofs and big slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  8. That's it not coming out till Halloween is over- too scared

  9. I am still dancing! Conga! You are a great host. Quite the week.


  10. WOW!!! Fantastic week of scariness, Norwood! Couldn't see it on my Blackberry so I just checked it out on a computer. Just "paw"some...Love it all...Norweekenstein is very scary! And so was the Norwoods (brrr...frightful! You were so brave for entering)...great costume conga line, and nice donation for Khyra! FiveSibes have a fun Howl-oween slideshow up now and they did a MonsterMash video also, but it won't be posted until Sunday. Love your Fright Week...And my old pal Scooby, what's a Halloween without him & the gang? Nice job, Norwood. I'll be sharing this with my Twitter and Facebook friends! So creative!!! Happy Howl-oween!!!

  11. You've outdone yourself this year Debi & Norwood! Thank you so much for dedicating so much time into entertaining us this week!
    your cat pal,
    p.s. Guess I'm the only cat brave enough to conga with the dogs...I like that!

  12. Bwaaa ha ha! When I saw Frankula come through, Mom started choking on her water! That was great!


  13. Ahhh!!!! The last day and the page won't work for us! We will try later again!


  14. Fantastic bloggie for Halloween Week. You are sure talented!!! Fun!!!
    Tailwaggin Happy Halloween
    PeeEss: Our M is a pawty pooper... no costumes for us.

  15. What do you mean I can't fly? I has wings don't I? As far as I know wings = flying...... when not in Mango's case, his bee wings are not proportional to his extra extra large self. He needs big wings like me!!!

    woof - Tucker

  16. Pee S. I will forgives the annoying comments since I made you sing Tenor at my pAwty..... BOL...

    woof - Tucker

  17. Nowwood
    I just sw youw special fwight week and youw incwedibull finale wif the conga line..You awe amazing and so is youw Mom..I'm mad that mine is such a losew that she hasn't helped me visit ow entew any contests.
    I am going to a pawty at my cat fwiendses on sunday..maybe you could dwop by and join us?
    smoochie kisses

  18. What a great conga Norwood.. Everyone looks so spookie..
    We love your jail bird suit...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  19. Nordude! You are definately the host with the most! that khonga line was something else! Thanks for helping out Khyra's XTerra Transport!

  20. That was the best conga ever, Norwood! Great costumes and very spooky. Way to go!

    Are you really a jailbird?

  21. Bravo!! Very well done, Norwood. I'm officially FRIGHTENED! BOL

    Though your picture today as Kermit had me chuckling.


  22. Loved it! That was so much fun Norwood. :)

  23. Hey Norwood!
    Great parade! I loved it. Very cute costumes for everyone and I love your Kermit look. Very fun! Thanks for sharing such an awesome Conga.
    Grr and Woof,

  24. Wow Norwood - your mommie and you sure did a fantastical job on the whole "series" of scary fright week and that grand finale Conga line was supercalifrag!!!! You certainly are a whiz at these techno blast thingies and we are heartily entertained watching! Congrats to Miss Khyra and to you too for helping with her transports - what a generous and thoughtful doggeh!
    Big Hugs xoxoxoxo

    Sammie and Avalon

  25. That was quite the turnout!


  26. Now why do we look at that picture and think, "Frog Legs."

  27. so much fun!!! we love the norwood froggy so much gweat costume

    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  28. Norwood, your parties are so much fun! AND they last a whole week! That makes them even better. 'Specially for us lightweights that need lots of exposure and desensitization. We ARE getting tougher. And we ARE asking Moma for a red flyer wagon for Christmas!

    Happy Halloween!
    Prickly Paws Jake and Belle Star Fergi

  29. THAT WAS GREAT NORWOOD!!!!! because of slacker mom, we are always behind. we would of been there for sure had she been paying attention!!!Somedoggie needs to just send mom e-mails and keep her up to speed - SOOOOO embarassing. At least she got us signed up for 2 parties this year. We enjoyed your entire Halloween extravaganza! Your mom is very talented.
    Happy Halloween Norwood.
    Your pals, Morgan & Maisie

  30. Oh that conga line wuz the bestest part - u did a T-RIFIC job on all of it - great showz.
    Shiloh'n Shasta

  31. Bravo Norwood. We had a blast.

    Noah xx

  32. I'm standin' here beside myself in shock and awe! What a spooktacular week of fun and madness you and your mom created! I wish I coulda kept up, it woulda been my first conga line and I'm thinkin' I got just enough rhythm to join in. Mebbee next year.....

    Woofs and spooktacular slobbers!
    Chester ;0=)

    Pee. Ess. - What brand of kibble do you smoke Nordude? I figger it's gotta be sumpthin' special to ignite your imagination station.

  33. hahahhahaaa.. yous in Kermit's suit is most hilarious.. You go man! Only Norwood can pull this off.. hahahahaha


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