Sunday, October 17, 2010

tula's house of horrors

hi every bloggie!

Wow you might know already but if not, I have big news. My cousin Tula moved. Yep she's got herself a new lily pad. It's not too far away - so today when I went on my run, I made sure we stopped by. See mom was over there yesterday helping unpack. Tula was not happy at all. She was furry furry scared of the floors. Being a big girl, she loved having carpeting beneath her toes but her new place doesn't have it. Fun Aunt Dee made a patchwork of throw rugs to pave a path. She even sprinkled treats on the floor to entice her... but nope. Furry furry scared!
So I showed up! First I wanted to see if Tula and FAD liked my housewarming gifts! I see they are properly displayed.
Yeppers... froggers for the lily pad.
This peeper is so much fun! Shhh .....I really wanted to keep him but someone wouldn't let me.
I was Tula's first visitor! We decided it was best to play outside first. Inside is something new for us- we've only played outside together and that's only been recently. Plus Tula can be a bit nutty about her beddie bye, her food bowl, her toys, her bones, her water dish... I think you get the point. So Tula put her safety gear on and we went to her own furry nice backyard.
Hee hee... a little message from me!
I proudly stood by it although FAD was NOT too pleased.
But I had to show Tula that the backyard is furry funballs. You can write your name all over and do other things.

Okay - close your eyes if you don't like animal abuse. Poor tula has been ball of anxiety and then this happened.
FAD thought the monstah sized leafs would look lovely on Tula. Gimme a break. I'm trying to help her like her new pad - don't impede my progress please.
Then we moved inside... dun dun dun.. the house of horrors to walk on the wicked evil floors. My training trick? I waved my delightful furry fun side at her.
And guess what.. they don't call me a bait dog for nothing.
She fell for it. And look.. she even went further into the house.
She did it! I hope she invites me over for a dinnah pawtee now!
norwood done!


  1. Go Monstah Go!

    I'm glad to see your plan worked!

    Nice lilypad warming gifts too!


  2. Norwood,

    You are a most excellent trainer! Congrat to Tula and FAD on their new lilypad!

    Sam and Pippen

  3. I hope Tula gets used to her new place soon!
    Sure you left there a nice message, Norwood!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Nice work Norwood! Congratulations to Tula & FAD. The new house look super!
    your pals, Morgan & Maisie

  5. YEAH!!! Tula's new pad looks really nice! I hope you get to go over and play again soon!!!



  6. What a paw some job you did!!!!

    Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

  7. Norwood dude, I'm thinkin'... you should have your own show! I'm totally serious man... humans don't know nuttin' about dog trainin'. I mean it takes a cracker to know a cracker? get my drift?

  8. Ahhh... you did good Norwood... now Tula's all house-broken in the house and she can break the house too.. slowly :D And you did show them you were there... *BOL* that's a good one :)

  9. Gee, Norwood, maybe you have a new career ahead of you as new house exorcist for doggies. I even saw TM's tail wagging in the last movie. Hey! I also saw you get on the couch. Sneaky.

    That is really big wood she has on her floors. I think she will be fine in no time.


  10. Norwood! You know shrinks and psycologists make big bucks! Your assistant maybe able to retire if you go to work!

  11. Nice backyard! Wow you and Tula are going to have so much fun in Aunt Dee's new house! Don't forget to teach Tula how to slide on those wood floors. Put some socks on & then go for it! Yipee!
    your pal,

  12. Good job Norwood, helping Tula get over her fear of the floors. It looks like a pawsome backyard, especially with those humongous leaves!

    Love the froggie gifts!

  13. Norwood, I don't think you'll ever run out of career choices! You are a great trainer. The grafiti on the wall cracked me up!


  14. What a great yard Tula has for having fun now!!! AndNorwood - you are such a pawsitive influence on her- good job!!!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. You peed on it, that means it's your house now, right?

  16. Norwood you sure know how to make Tula at ease. You are such a good boy. What no zoomies on that cool floor?
    Nope Dad isn't doing the 10K step thing. He just digs in the dirt while Mom takes us on our walk. She is pretty talented walking 3 dogs at one time..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  17. Good job helping her explore her new grounds! :)

  18. Norwood,

    Good fur you to helps Tula not be so skeerd! :)

    WOofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  19. what a nice guy you are for showing her to not be afraid of the floors


  20. WHOA this could be a new profession for you!!! We are glad you got her to walk on the floors.. they can be terrifying we know..... Dr Norwood like the sound of that.. Love and kisses A+A

  21. Good job Norwood...BOL. Cool lily pad Tula has there
    Benny & Lily

  22. Wow - maybe you can get your own show on NatGeo as a Dog Psychologist!

  23. Nice work helping your pal! And, awesome froggy pressies for the new place! Looks like a great yard to play in, and hope Tula will enjoy the floors :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


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