Saturday, March 14, 2009

Here I go a Wassailing -Camera Critters #49

 ! Here in Massachusetts, it was in the 40s last weekend and you would've thought it was a heat wave. 

Everyone was outside walking their dogs.  I love it. I get to meet so many new friends.

I went to a new trail last weekend. Delaney Wildlife Trails in Stowe MA. To my fellow MA dog bloggies, you should check out this wonderful trail system sometime.  
Look at this place.... I just had to write my name immediately. Norwood was here!  There!.. or as my square friend Eric likes to call me- Knaaw Wood (since I like sticks) He thinks he's so clevah!
From Delaney Trails 3-8-09
The trails were nestled between heavily wood forest and trees. Can you see me?  I thought I had long legs... in fact my nick name is tall drink of water but I'm no match for these trees.
Then I ran and I mean RAN into these wolf like friends. I wish my tail would curl like that..I guess I'll stick to the bandanas for embellishments. 
From Delaney Trails 3-8-09
The trail system weaves along two reservoirs.  I was so thirsty and hot from running the trails, I thought I'd take a dip.
From Delaney Trails 3-8-09
Oops.. Still ice on top... time for a polar bear swim?? Hmm maybe not. It's even too cold for me and it's not new years so furgett about it. 
From Delaney Trails 3-8-09
Nananannaah!  I will just do my famous fish flop in the snow to cool off.  
From Delaney Trails 3-8-09
Whooo! hoo!  Yep. Mr. Bizerko did not fail to join the fun.  Check out the other Camera Critter Sunday photos.


  1. Cool trails!!

    I bet that water was FREEZING!!

    Glad you had a wonderful day!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  2. Looks like you had so much fun. You even got to visit with some wolves! We love snow too. Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  3. Hi Norwood!
    That looks like a pawsome place to go walking.
    Big licks to you

  4. Love that last photo Norwood or shoud we say Mr Bizerko hehehe. Nice banadana too.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy x

  5. Ahhh! 40 degrees is a heatwave! That's the dead middle of winter around here.... Norwood, be careful in the snow... make sure you use 4WD, ha ha!

    Love from Gundo

  6. Goofball,
    BRRR! wait for the ice to melt first plz.. or you'll turn into a frozen furry popsicle. (Remember you're from tennessee!! winters are different here)


  7. Hi Norwood,

    My sister had a cattle dog named Pepper. Smartest dog I have ever seen. Looovvveeed to play frisbee.

  8. no womder you and your owner are so fit - all that wonderful walking Sandy

  9. Dear Norwood, math is not our strong suit, but we live in Texas, and we know that if it si in the 40s (which are right after negative one hundred, right?) that everybody wears meny swetters and meny hats and sleeps under a big pile of blankets at nite. Also, outstanding continued wearing of the green bandana, and also Two Paws UP! for these piktures! Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

  10. OOOhhh that place looks lovely! WE will have to check into that.. wonder how far it is?? We wll ask Pl1...Check out our new name tags..You and Tula HAVE to get them... Love A+A

  11. You are an adventurer aren't you Norwood! I don't let anyone take pictures of me when I'm on my adventures cuz I'm a cat and cats do secret things at night that nobody is suppose to know about, then we just like to sleep most of the day:)


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