Thursday, March 05, 2009

True Colours- It's a Mellow Yellow Day!

The host of this meme is Blue. Each Thursday is a different color theme. Stop over to Blue's wonderful web site and join in on the fun! It's my first time.

Today's color is YELLOW. I wear yellow almost everyday!

Thanks to my trusty reflective yellow vest and lemon yellow collar.
I think yellow frames my face quite nicely!

In the fall I'm surrounded by yellow... leaves leaves everywhere.

Even my favorite lily pond is framed with yellow (orange and red) leaves! It's quite pretty in the fall.

And the best for last.. if you squeeze me, I squirt yellow. I write my name in yellow all over the place.

I do love Yellow! Really not sure if it makes me mellow though. Well I know it doesn't.


  1. Lots of nice yellow in the fall for sure. One of our favorite times of year.


  2. Hello,

    i like the picture if you with the leaves :] really beautiful!

    best regards

  3. Ahhh the fall,We love it.......except right now a little spring woud be nice!! Love A+A

  4. Great blog.. I think that Gundo's fave color might be yellow as well!


  5. Popped by from blogcatalog and found your blog. I like your pics. Feel free to come by blog sometime and leave a comment! Would you be interested in linking sites?


  6. Norwood
    Yellow becomes's most attwactive wif youw bootiful fuws..vewy clevew of you to wite in such a happy colow..oh , wait, wea all do, hehehe
    smoochie kisses

  7. Norwood! Yellow certainly seems to be your colour. (Not the cowardly sort of yellow. NO NO)

    I would say you look sort of mellow posing among the leaves though. Must of left Mr Bizerko at home that day in his red room? And writing you name in yellow? Neat. I've never done that. I'm at the drawing pictures stage. If I'm in a hurry I do a join the dots one.

    Wicked wiry wags, Eric xx

    Um ...did I miss it? BO got the dog for the sprogs already?

  8. Hello,

    We like your reflective coat, it is a good choice for this weeks colour. :-)

    Holly & Zac...XX


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