Sunday, March 29, 2009

Isle de Norwood- Camera Critters#51

Today it is rain rain and more rain.  I will just think about all the fun I had yesterday.  I went to Hopkinton State Park. It was 68 degrees! Whoo hooo! That means only one thing. Swimming! Look how clear the water is.  The sunbeams danced around me.  I was hoping other dogs were swimming, but all of them stayed on the land. Whimps. I don't know how you could resist. The water is a bit chilly but oh so worth it. 

Look an island just for me.. Think I can make it? I will call it Isle De Norwood.
Well no Isle de Norwood swim today. Nope just going after my ball.  Maybe this summer I'll swim over there w/my mom. 
"umophhppheeeerrreeemmppph"  snort snort! You try talking w/a ball in your mouth.
Here, here is what I was trying to say.."here it is.. now throw it back in again please." Look my raccoon eyes make good goggles too! Go over to Camera Critters to enjoy the other animal photos!  


  1. Stumpy misses swimming and I do, too... I am glad you are enjoying the water. That's exactly where we would be if there were water anywhere close by. When we lived in Mass we had access to a lake just a five minute walk away from our house (through the woods). We spent lots of time in Ipswich, Maine and NH on the beach...what the heck are we doing out here in the desert???? The answer to that question only comes to me when you are having snow, ice or endless days of rain... I did get Stumpy a kiddie wading pool and she was not at all appreciative.

    Can you actually swim, Norwood? Stumpy never really figured swimming out; she hops on her back legs, even if the water is over her head...a riot to watch...

    You will have to enjoy your spring fever enough for us, too...

  2. Hi Norwood...cats DO NOT like to swim, but can I just watch you having so much fun???

  3. Norwood: You are just one adventure after another...what a life you lead!!

  4. Oh what fun Norwood. We would swim over to that Island with you. Of course we probably would want Mom to go too..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  5. Hey Norwood! Can we come to swim to da iland wif woo? It wood be a fun adventure!

    Gus and Waldo

  6. Hey Norwood, So you like the 2nd picture. Not sure it is our best side but Mom liked it. It would be fun to go to a park with you. We could really have an adventure. Sounds like it is a lot warmer where you are. I like the park where you went swimming.

  7. Geesh YOU HAVE HTE BEST PLACES TO GO!!!!!! We are going to check into this one.......Love and kisses A+A

  8. You are really brave to be swimming in New England waters at this time of year!

    That looks like a fine island for a discover tour this summer!

  9. That looks a beautiful place for a swim Norwood. We see you have the most important thing there.... the tennis ball! hehe

    Can we come and play there too?

    Holly & Zac...XX

  10. Yoohoooooo!!! Norwood!!! Hey NorwooD!!! Here I am. Back in the Naughty Square Corner.Again. Dog. I'm tucker tailed I missed you pal.Sorry. Really. Would of loved a lark and a bark with you. Chomping those cookies. Maybe with a nice cuppa tea (don't forget the milk) in a BONE china cup. Burstin' the tires on those pesky wheelies. Fancy any Norwood? Got a whole bunch of them stuck up on the unreachable shelf taunting me. They are good to go (slowly on their old wheels)as you A merry Cans say. Har,har,har!!!

    You need a Ped a Lo to go out to that island pal.Looks too far to swim, course the ball will keep you a float if you'd barking about. her's an idea!! I'll pedal one over once I'm out of this corner.Good idea eh?

    Wiry wags, Eric xx

    Pee s - Mom say she does love a bad boy but don't tell n ruin her reputation k?? He,heeeee!!!


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