Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm back! Live in color!-Camera Critters #50

I'm back! I had lots of fun at day campalooza but it's good to be home.  My mom thought I'd be tired.. but there is one thing I didn't get to do at camp. Playing constant bitey face is not enough for a young lad like me. I need to feel the fresh air breeze against my face. I need the open fields to sprint and leap freely. I need to be unleashed.  
It was peaceful crispy frosty morning. Do you see the mist and fog over the water?- ahem. I thought spring started. Stupid Massachusetts weather...19 degrees is not spring. 

Then...Yep! Mr. Bizerko wanted to be unleashed. And he appeared quickly during the morning walk.  First I - I mean Mr. Bizerko ran to the right.. circling my mom. Then Mr. Bizerko ran right at her! Boo! Ha! I think I scared her.. oh she looks mad. Quick cut to the left. Quick break for a frosty drink.
From spring fevah 3-6-09
Here she captured the Mr. Bizerko explosion. Click on the picture to get the larger view. Put yourself in the middle.. I think you get the idea.  

Finally a peaceful moment captured.  Don't worry- it didn't last long. 
From spring fevah 3-6-09
I reminded my mom that I still wasn't as bad as that Eric Square Dog across the pond.  She thought about it agreed. No  jail time required. Check out the other camera critter photos.


  1. Oh Norwood, I think I need to get out of the house & run too, but for a little while I'm still stuck doing bookwork...yuck!! Looks like you had soooo much fun:)

  2. Oh ya Norwood you and Callie would get along great. She is Miss Bizardo all the time.. She plays zoomies with herself daring us to chase her...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  3. Hi GB..
    What did your mommie think? Sometimes you can't stop the zoomies. Just get out of the way!

    We misssed yooou! Chomp Chomp Chomp --I luved cookies.


  4. And did you fall into a tired but contented heap after all that zoomies?? ;)

    Licks and Wags,

    Tuffy of Dog Woods

  5. Hope you got a lot of energy out of you from all that running around. =)

  6. I think I have spring fever too Norwood. I have been feeling a little frisky lately:)

  7. I love this series. I can tell how much you enjoyed being outside even if it didn't feel much like spring.

  8. Spring is the perfect time to run off all those winter blues. Lovely sereis of images.

  9. Not quite as bad as Eric...

    You sure have spring fever, though. Yipee! I am not convinced it is really spring yet.


  10. I'd know those Spring ears anmywhere !1sandy

  11. hmmm, i didnt saw the mist and fog over the water ...

    but i guess you had a lot of fun! (:

    do check out at my blog, i've an award for you

    best regards

  12. Norwood is very energetic! What a good looking dog! Loved the photos.

  13. You had me chuckling all the way through your post. Very nice.

  14. Ahahahaha - it looks like you... errr, I mean Mr. Bizerko had an absolute blast ;-)

  15. It does look like fun! Those peaceful moments don't tend to last. :) Good time was had by all!


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