Saturday, March 28, 2009

Square Dog on the Lam?

If you follow that dog across the pond, Eric the Square Dog- you know he was a bit of a naughty boy recently. He's no longer two but had a horrible case of spring fevah resulting in a period of confinement. 

Well I was on my regular walk and look what I saw parked? It was a cabbie from London!

So I looked all around.. is my Square friend in town? 
Did he jail break? Is he on the lam? I looked around to see where he might be?
Here?- no offense but Eric is not your everyday humdrum square.. so I thought why not the ODD Fellows lodge. Nope. No Square.  I looked in the store next to it. He's always looking for wheelies. These are the only wheels I saw. 
Looks like me pulling my mom up the trail. hee hee.. okay I'll drop it.  Still no square.
I found some money on the ground.. maybe he is here. He is a high roller. Dropped it on the run. 
Wait a minute.. I know where he would be.....
Is he tasting a bit of english ale .. thirsty for a froth from the motherland? Nope no square.

Eric if your here.. we are trying to sniff u out with these bunny cookies. 
You'll need them if your on the lam..
From Square dog on the lam


  1. All-around fun photos/post :)

  2. you gave it a good try. we hope Eric turns up somewhere. maybe he's in our backyard. we will go check right now.


  3. If I see Eric here in Michigan I'll let you know!

  4. This was a really fun post Norwood. Hope Eric shows up soon!

  5. What a cute post today and I love your new blog background.

  6. Oh Norwood...I love ya're the coolest dog in the whole world!!!

  7. You're a silly one you for that:)

  8. i like your new background too! those bunny biscuits look to pretty to eat

    best regards

  9. Hi Norwood!
    My sister Tahlia has got her hopes up that you might think she is one of the qt's on Scooby's Love page because she thinks youa re furry handsome :)
    Big licks to you

  10. Nowwood
    He's hewe in Manhattan dancing the night away..but I think you'we wight you just missed him at that pub..he had just gotten out of that cab(he told me)
    I think he wants to kick himself fow issing you and not getting any of those gweat cookies
    smoochie kisses

  11. since eric's not around... chomp chomp chomp. hmmm yummy cookies!

    kiss kisses,
    cookie monstah
    aka tula

  12. you have such marvelous adventures I must come and see you more- sorry about your friend sandy


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