Sunday, June 14, 2009

best friends petcare dogfun fest!

hi every bloggie!
My day camp had a dog fun fest today!  Yahoo!  The rain held off! The party is on!
Meet my day camp friend Ozzie.  He's a nut.  Every time I come to camp, he's sprinting around the room making snorting sounds.  Ozzie is the definition of a party boy. 
See what I mean. What a ham!
This guy is not a day camper but the Dirt Devil Dog- mascot for a local sports team.  I had to do a sniff check on him.  He said I was a bit fresh!
But we were fast friends.  Look! his claws palm my peanut head like a basketball. Oh well.. time for kisses. 
There was a group of huskys from Boston's Urban Snow Dog crew.  This one won the trick contest.. singing along with the harmonic.  Rooo Roooo!
And the little dog at the bottom won the best dressed. She came in her swim suit b/c of the rain.  
I took a minute to thank the staff for having the day of dog fun!
Then I headed over to the paw painting area.  My paw print looked like a flower!  Awwwhh!  I'm accepting the highest bid.  
All this fun makes me hungry and thirsty. Perfect!  A water trough of apples! Yummo! Wait.. do they think were horses?  Oh who cares.. this is the best idea ever. 
And there were other games. This game was hot dog limbo.  See the stick has different length strings hanging with hot dogs attached. The goal was to limbo under without eating them. I don't think the rules were explained well to these two.  Afterwards we all got to take one off. 
Guess what!??? I won a contest too! MOST UNIQUE! No one has ever seen a dog like me before.  The AKC doesn't have a "goofball" registration.  It was a dog funtastic day!


  1. That's Super GOOFball fun times! Hey, wasn't that Uncle Big Red monstah-except did you molest him?? i know he's family, but puggeash.

    Most Unique -- maybe it should read Most Goofiest!
    toodles, tula

  2. ANOTHER DOG PARTY?????? I am so jealous. I love those dog parties and games, they are just so far and few between around here.

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  4. You have a party every weekend I think. What a ton of action! You are unique and very handsome.


  5. Norwood, you are so lucky to have so many dog parties up where you live! This one looks like it was especially fun! Congratulations on being named "most unique". I think your mommy probably had a lot of fun too!
    your pal,

  6. your family really knows how to have fun..hahah you are unique Norwood you are..

  7. Wow-wee...what a FANTASTIC post!!! I think that Ozzie & that big red guy are actually brothers. They have the same face! I can see now that maybe he's not quite as scary as he looked on twitter...although I know I would hide if I saw him coming. Keep sharing all that fun cuz us cats don't have quite the exciting life as you doggies!
    love ya,

  8. another award, I am not surprised!

    so cool that you got to party with some of your homeys this weekend...

    Stumpy is glad you don't wear the lipstick all the time, she is definitely into more dogly dogs.

  9. You are SO lucky and we wish we could have been there. So many fun parties. You are unique and we love your blog. Have a fun day Norwood. (We know you usually do)
    Ernie & Sasha

  10. what a great day - i would have loved the limbo - umm hot dogs

    congrats on your award

    woodorw sweetie mj

  11. You have so much fun!!

    Most Unique!! Congrats Norwood! Well deserving too!!

  12. Dude, we love your totally unique self--congrats on the well deserved award! You guys sure know how to party up there!


  13. Hey Norwood... I wish I could've gone to the dog fun fest with you. That hot dog limbo contest is right up my alley! I love your "MOST UNIQUE" sign... that describes you to a "T"! BOL!

    Your Buddy,

  14. Oh Norwood it looks like you had so much fun. You are definitely a super Unique pup... Don't change..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  15. What a great time you had, Norwood and congrats on being the most unique dog! Mitch is drooling over the water trough of apples!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  16. Oh Norwood... we are so jealous! We wish we could be there with you! Lots of fun!
    "Most Unique", you deserve it!
    Rufus and Indie

  17. I knew I would find my way to hotdog limbo eventually. Glad to see someone else figured out the right way to play. Norwood, you are truly unique and you're welcome to bring your party north any time. You always know where there is fun to be had!

  18. That looked a great day Norwood. Congrats on winning the contest. :-)

    Holly & Zac...XX

  19. WOW! What a fun day! We love those games. Mommee will have to write them down for our next birfday party.

    And congwatuwashuns on your contest WIN! Woowoo!

    Looks like such fun.
    Gus and Waldo


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