Friday, June 19, 2009

can't beat'em join'em!

Hi Every Bloggie!

I have somethings to tell you about my latest walkies. Well first mom wants to take a minute to point out my loose leash walking. We know Dexter aka Pee Wee is working on it. He has been diligently training.  And guess, what? I have a Dexter spy who sees him walk every morning and reports he's always googly eyes at his mom while walking.  My report back is that training must be working! Now, my mom works hard to make that happen, it is not easy. Hence the hot dogs always on her person. 
Enough of that boring stuff.  Every morning I take a walk at the local high school. I get to run free around the track. I'm the fast one in lane 3.  
Then all of a sudden I saw dashing movement. I surveyed the area. Mom noticed my hunting looks and quickly locked me down.  
A deer was inside the track field and didn't know how to get out! I offered to herd it to freedom but noooooo! ms. no fun mom said bad idea.  Who would guess the next day I had an interlude with this deer and chased it throughout the neighborhood. I have never felt so alive. Mom was upset with herself for her carelessness and now I'm on lock down for a good part of the walk. 
Anyways, enough of that.  Then I ran into this guy.  I thought he was a rock and then we got close.  Pardon the poor photos.. mom only uses her iPhone which has limited picture quality. It was a HUGE snapper.  We didn't get too close but here's a zoomed in look. Watch out!

Ladddadddahh. Oh that reminds me I haven't had my background music in a while... I was walking in the neighborhood.. ladd adahhadee dod dah.
And look what I came across. Mr. Bunny sat as still as a statue.  Good move b/c my hunting instincts usually react to movement.  I'm visually oriented. Good move Mr. Bunny. I never noticed you.  Can u believe that? 
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So I came home for breakfast and a snack. I just learned I lOVE carrots! Well if you can't beat'em, join'em- right?  


  1. hello norwood its dennis the vizsla dog hay mmmmm carrots ar gud!!! dont wurry yoo can eet carrots and stil chayse bunneez in fakt yore breth mite attrakt them now!!! ok bye

  2. We're with ya, buddy--gotta chase them critters! :) Don't know why the humans are so uptight about it. We like the carrot trick, though; if you eat it outside, will Mr. Bunny come up wanting to share?? Heehee!


  3. What wonderful adventures, Norwood! Woo is certainly on top of things...except with Mr. Bunny of course. But, bunnies are furry sneaky!!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  4. My dogs love all carrots too

  5. Norwood...I just have one word for you...
    E X C I T I N G ! ! !

  6. watch out fer mistah snapper turtle. one snap & off with your snooter. then what would you molest people with?? hehehehe


  7. you really live in the animal many chasing does your mom EVER expect you to behave! Have fun on your weekend adventures...I can't wait to hear about what you do next!
    your cat buddy,

  8. What an exciting walk Norwood - good thing your mom was with you cuz you would have taken off after everybody!

  9. hey Norwood, you really have a fun walk with all of that wildlife. we would love to join you in chasing those wild animals. we love to chase stuff that runs away from us. maybe next time.


  10. My Tori (australian shepherd) would have been after that deer in a heartbeat! We're still trying to teach her to listen to us FIRST. A tough endeavor when other animals are about.

    Carrots, huh? I'll have to see if mine like 'em. I have been making homemade dog biscuits lately, and they really do like those!! ;)

  11. Oh what a lovely walk you had. We like see little friends when we walk too.. Now bunnies they are really fun to chase..
    All three of us went herding today.. We all did really well since this was the last class of the summer.. To HOT in Texas...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  12. WE ARE HAVING A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN OVER HERE NORWOOD!! Turtles,bunny and deer!!! GEESH!!! We are taking the train and will be right over t help you..hold on..Love A+A

  13. OMG...Norwood-you missed Mr Bunny?? I LOVE bunnies!!! I hope to see bunnies tomorrow on my run with mom before herding!

    I think I would have chased...hmm herded the deer too!



  14. Right, if you can beat them , join them.
    I'm joining you now, hehe!

  15. So many adventures! Did you chase that deer by yourself without mom? Uh oh.

    Those snapper turtles! Watch out. Grandpa Angus almost lost his snooter to one.

    I hope you at least got to sample the tasty treats that Mr. Rabbit leaves behind.


    P.S. I think Pee-Wee must know what kind of car Tula's mom drives if she only sees him googly eyed good dog.

  16. Oh Norwood... we loved the post! The little deer!
    Can we join your bandanna team?
    Rufus and Indie


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