Friday, June 26, 2009

eYewatch friday! #2

hi every bloggie!
Yep thanks to my buddy Bruce the Cat!  We are doing eyewatch friday again!

Here goes! That's me. I got my eye on you.  That was easy!  Next please. 

A bit tricker!  Can you guess who owns these eyeballs?  Take a guess and post in your comment!

Good luck! Don't cheat by looking at the other answers please! And join the eyewatch friday fun! Post your favorite eyeball photos!


  1. O.K. Here's my list
    1. Callie
    2. Bruce
    3. Sophie
    4. Tula
    5. Eric
    6. Velcro
    7. Bailey
    8. got me stumped on this one!
    Great challenge!!
    Happy eyewatching:)

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  3. Happy eyewatching:)

    We love fun ...
    I now only two :(
    I have not cheat by Bruce.

    2~ Bruce
    4~ Tula

    Real name Karel
    sounds like Kaarel ;)
    tje is something dutch
    it means little
    Kareltje is a really Dutch name !!
    Its a old boys name ;)

    Our blog name
    Kareltje en ikke
    ikke means ME ( Anya )
    also something Dutch ..... LOL

    My daughter was on vacation last year in New York, her name is Marjolein ( every american has trouble to say marjolein, I don't now why .... )

  4. wow! we picked out Bailey immediately! we are stumped on the rest of the eyes though. i guess we're not too good at this, but thanks for having Bailey up there. he says that he feels like he is famous now! hee hee.


  5. Come on everyone...what are you waiting the game please cuz I need to find out who the mysterious eyes belong to!
    In the meantime...I just take another catnap cuz it's raining here & I can't go out & chase lizards right now.

  6. No Norwood...the iguana would not fit in your mouth. I don't think you could even get close to this guy cuz he was pretty fast when he decided to dive into the water, he never came up.
    Nice game you've got going on, I'd play only Bruce & I put our heads together to come up with the answers we did. Now somebody else is going to have to solve the mystery.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    your friend,

  7. I don't know everyone so can't play along but what a great 'eye'dea!

  8. Eye think you look quite good in Blue.Sort of your colour. The other eyeballls picture is missing. A bit like Mom. She's busy drinking and eating chocolate cake, thanks for the tips.

    Wiry wags m kissies Eric xx

  9. Let's see...I want to go look at Bruce's list but I am not going to...yet
    1 - callie
    2 - Bruse
    3 - Lucy or Addie
    4 - tula monstah
    5 -
    6 - Louie
    7 - I dunno
    8 - I dunno

    Bruce wins, he's pretty smart for a cat I guess... Stumpy hates for me to say so.

    hey!! What book??? we are looking for a good read to drive cross country with...

  10. We don't know all your friends, but we sure recognize the Tula Monstah when see her! :) We posted eYewatch pics on our blog for you, too! :)

    Have a great weekend!


  11. Hi there! man thats a TOUGH quiz! but looks like fun!! we are just getting back into blogging so dont know everyone real well yet.. Im gonna guess #2 is Bruce though! :)

    tail wags,
    The Beasts

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  13. Okay, let me try...

    1) Callie
    2) Oh I don't know...
    3) Is that Fenway?
    4) Tula!
    5) Is that Jake?
    6) Velcro
    7) Bailey the Schnoodlepooh!
    8) Wally Tamale or Pee-Wee?

  14. Hi Norwood...I just tagged you in a game! It's fun so come on over to my place to find out what you have to do!
    your pal,


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