Wednesday, June 10, 2009

things to do

hi every bloggie!

I have a busy day ahead of me.  
Look at my list of things to do. What a crazy day!  I better get busy. 

Okay I'm ready.  You have my green ball.  Ready!  Throw it!
Wow! Nice arm! Look how far it went. 
Coming at you!  You better hope I stop!  
Yep.. here you go.  One thing to do done... next please!
Hmmm find something to jump over.  This will do I think!
And... I'm off.  Look at the determination.  Pretty good huh?
and the cow jumped over the moon.  Huh? I don't like that reference. I really don't like nursery rhymes either.  
How about ... I got mad skillz!
Okay- things to do #2- check! Now... where can I play hide and seek. I don't like nursery rhymes but certainly like a good game. Here we go. Perfect!
Yep!  Now you see me! Now you don't!
Whew... what a day!  


  1. We've never jumped over a fence, Norwood! It looks like fun! We need to make a list of things we should be doing today too! hummmm, the first thing is eat!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Hey Norwood, in that 3rd "jump the fence" photo, you look like you're doing a handstand...I mean a pawstand! You are the greatest!!!
    love ya,

  3. You are an inspiration to me Norwood...let's see, my list would go like this:
    1. eat
    2. nap on my bed
    3. find kevin for a head rub
    4. nap on my super scratcher
    5. look for lizards
    6. nap in my hideout
    7. eat some more
    8. nap under the big trailer
    There...that looks like a full day!
    your pal,

  4. You are true to the agenda I see and thanks for taking us along- I'm tired now bye

  5. Norwood, Stumpy loves a dog with mad skilz. If you are trying to impress her it's working!!!

    You may want to brush up on your game of hide and seek, she's oneof those obsessive types...

  6. wow what a busy day happy you got everything done

    now it may be time for more ball chasing


  7. Good for you Norwood, keeping to your list! Great job! I think you deserve lots of belly rubbing and head scratches now!

  8. Nowwood
    Anothew pawfect day

    You awe a champion jumpew..suwe to win a medal someday!!!
    I love the pictoowe of you wunning at me
    smoochie kisses

  9. Wow only one ball throw. Mr. Blueman you are letting me down.. I love to play and play and so does Louie. Of course I usually stop and hog the ball. I have to make sure to shake it and sling slobber all over mom...
    No lake yesterday. We had a huge storm blow through. Tornado sirens and everything. Lots of rain and wind.. no damage here though. The neighbors lost there Bradford Pear tree though..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  10. A busy day indeed! Can we play hide n seek with you? :)
    Rufus and Indie

  11. Strewth. Is there nothing you can't you write yourself post it notes?

    Got to go can feel a sea shanty coming on....

    Wiry wags n kissies, Eric xxxx

  12. woowoowowooooo dear Nordwood!!
    How many things to do!!!!
    We love your green ball....and sure you're a great grteat great jumper!!
    We never have jumped the too difficult???
    can you teach us????
    and hide and seek........Woowowowooo!!!
    We loved a lot play with mommy...but we'll prefer to play with you!!!
    Great photos and you are gorgeous as always!!!
    We love youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!


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