Monday, June 01, 2009

paws in the pawk- part 2

hi every bloggie!

After the "dog walk" event at Paws in the Park! I stayed awhile to shop around the vendors.  I really wanted to bring this guy home but no luck. 

Mom is such a weirdo.. Is she trying to be like us?  It looks like she has to pee so...
luckily Fun Aunt Dee was along to watch me as she took care of her personal business. 
Then I ran immediately to my FAVORITE booth.  Best Friends Pet Care- my day camp staff was there to give me treats! Yummers. 
After I replenished myself, I thought I'd capture the cast of characters at the event.  I didn't know horses were allowed???  Hee hee.  They were very nice. 
And this guy said I was "fresh".  Ummm excuse me, he invited me on his lap.  Now do I look like a lap dog to you?  He was a lot of fun and I got mom to buy some fido freezes from him. Worked like a charm. 
Oh.. looks like part of the GSD Adventure pack- At least Daphne-doesn't it?

Hmm I'm getting hungery again. I had more shopping to do. I'm in the mood for a cookie please!
Chi Ching!  Worked again.  Cookies to go!
Mom didn't catch my hint.. I'm posing.. nice and still!
But no portrait of me painted.  Darn. Then I saw these speckled specimens. Reminded me of my dear stumpy the gianted speckled chihuahua 
All this talking, walking and shopping makes me hot.  Time for the water games.  This is their idea of a water game? Looks more like a sprinkler shower to me.  I don't think so.  

And had to wrap up the day with a final view of Pee Wee's kind- labradorks. Look like he's more of a round mound not a pee wee.  Opps..sorry.  It slipped out. 

And YES.. no Mango but one Mastiff was there.  Look at that tongue. Not relentlessly huge- just an extra large.  Poor guy had to wear this backpack.  If he had a job, he should've given rides.. hee hee. 

It was time to go.  I had a really good time!

Oh yeah Norwood!


  1. What a fun day! You seem pretty spoiled! I love the poses Norwood!
    Kasha and Africa

  2. wow, there are so many other doggy! it must be real happening over there, i bet you've a lot of fun

    best regards

  3. Drat! I knew I was missing out by not visiting those booths. Look at the size of those labs! I bet they ate something from every place at the fair.

    That mini-mastiff looked hot, poor thing.

    I am going to make momma study this post so that she realizes that next time I need to do more stuff like you.


  4. Thanks for sharing with me Norwood. Since my daughter, Jesea, moved to TX with Oliver & Targa (her Italian Greyhounds), I haven't gotten to do fun doggie stuff. I can pretend that I went with you & had all that fun too! Wow, I am tired!!
    love ya,

  5. N O R W O O D ...
    you sure have a wonderful life...
    you keep going & going on fun adventures...
    you get to eat lots & lots of treats...
    you get to make many furry friends...
    you get lots of loving...
    no wonder you always have that big smile on your face!
    I sure love you...
    your buddy,

  6. pssst....Norwood... those speckeld dogs are REALLY cute, but Stumpy is sooooooo much cuter!!!

    It looks like a really fun weekend....another one!!! Lucky you!!!

  7. You Norwood are a lucky fellow - so much fun Sandy

  8. Hi Norwood-it looked like you had so much fun! Friends, food, water games! I wish I could have come!!



  9. HOLY MOLY! That does look like me! I must have a twin out there! Was this look alike friendly?


  10. Oh Norwood you sure know how to twist Mom's arm... Louie would have loved that hose. He plays with Dads every chance he gets. Needless to say it keeps getting shorter and shorter...
    You are right I am the Blueman and I just let Louie think he is supervising...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  11. Hey Norwood. looks like you had a fabbie time - and meeting pee Wee for real...though seems everyblogie had a bit of a pee wee...those leggededs so embarrasing. And haaaa,haaa! Was great to see Mr Bizerko in action against fun Aunty Dee.

    Wiry wags n kissies, Eric xxxx

  12. looks liek you had a pawsome day

    but i didnt see any bully types too bad

    woodrow sweetie mj

  13. sigh....Love A+A ps did they have a hot dog stand?

  14. Hi Norwood,

    Looks like a great day out! Lots of fun stuff to do and doggies to visit with.

    I just wanted to pop by and thank you for taking the time to come by my blog in the month of May and leave a comment. I appreciate your input. Hope you come by again soon!


  15. That polka dot dog looked so cute. He kinda looked like a statue! Your mommy is funny. She wants to be one of us?!
    XO-BabyRD & HOotie

  16. Yes we all had a taste of that stick...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  17. Wow - that Paws in the Park thing looks like it was the best day ever!!! I wish I could of gone to that. I love that kind of stuff. There was even water to cool off. We never had one here that was as good as that one looked.
    your pal, Morgan


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